🚩 Last Chance: Deadline for SAPA Amicus Coming Fast! 🚩

After an Obama-appointed Leftist District Court Judge said that Missouri’s SAPA law was unconstitutional — much to the delight of Joe Biden — WE ARE ABOUT TO GET OUR DAY IN COURT! 

As we have said since the day Judge Wimes gave his opinion on SAPA, that decision was only the first step in this fight.

Since the day Gov. Parson signed SAPA, we knew it was headed for the 8th Circuit, maybe even the United States Supreme Court.

Now, things are beginning to move.

Very recently, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals issued their scheduling order in this case, laying out the timeline for when MOFC needs to submit our Amicus Brief in defense of SAPA law!

This is great news!


It’s simple: if the 8th Circuit agrees with MOFC’s legal team and upholds SAPA, we’ll have scored a massive victory for gun owners here in Missouri and paved the road for other red states.

And, if we lose, we’ve checked the boxes needed to bring the SAPA fight all the way into the United States Supreme Court!

MOFC’s legal team — based out of Kansas City and Washington D.C. and renowned for their victories on behalf of the Second Amendment — is feverishly working to finish our brief in time.

That’s why I am emailing you today.

We are close to finalizing the budget that we need to file our first Amicus Brief that will be heard by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals…but we need to close that budget gap.

And at the same time, we are already trying to establish a legal defense fund to see this case through all the way to the United States Supreme Court, and we need your immediate support!


Before we get to that, let me remind you how we got here and what’s at stake for gun owners here in Missouri (and the country) if we lose this fight.     

The day after Joe Biden ‘won’ the 2020 Presidential Election, I called an emergency meeting of MOFC’s political team to discuss what we could do to defend the Second Amendment here in Missouri.

We knew we would soon be in the fight of our lives.

And while the fight is still raging to stop Biden’s federal gun control agenda, our team immediately agreed that passing the Second Amendment Preservation Act was OUR TOP PRIORITY in 2021!

You see, we didn’t know in late 2020 whether or not Biden would have the votes to ban AR-15s, mandate a national ‘Red Flag’ law, or institute Universal Background Checks. But we knew that he expected Missouri cops to enforce whatever he did pass.

And we knew that if we could pass SAPA in time, it would destroy Biden’s ability to enforce his gun control agenda here.

That’s because Missouri’s SAPA law:

>>>  Instructs Missouri cops to only enforce Missouri’s gun laws, meaning that if Biden wants his gun control agenda enforced here, he’ll need to use federal agents to do it!

>>>  Contains a $50,000 civil penalty against agencies that violate SAPA, ensuring that St. Louis and Kansas City would not be able to ignore it and continue enforcing federal gun control.

>>>  Does not require the Governor or the Attorney General to enforce a violation of SAPA. Missourians are able to bring civil charges against an agency that violates SAPA!

We knew that if we passed this version of SAPA, Biden’s gun control agenda would die here in Missouri!


Because while Biden could have the feds enforce federal gun control laws here, that just would not happen for political and logistical reasons.

And we also knew that if Missouri paved the way for SAPA, other freedom-loving states could follow our lead. 

So when Governor Parson signed SAPA, we knew that Biden could not let it stand. Missouri’s SAPA was already being imitated in states like Iowa, Ohio, Georgia, Wyoming, and others!

First, the DOJ tried to overturn SAPA law in a Jackson Co. Circuit Court case that St. Louis and Kansas City, predictably, joined. But Biden’s team of lawyers lost there…badly.

In early 2022 the DOJ tried again, this time before the Missouri State Supreme Court. While the court remanded the case back to the Circuit Court for procedural reasons, the judges did not agree with Biden’s lawyers, hammering them with questions.

Finally, the DOJ filed suit in Federal Court, after ‘judge shopping’ to find the most liberal District Court judge in the State of Missouri.

Judge Wimes was overtly hostile when oral arguments were held back in July of 2022. It was so bad I almost started laughing.

So when Wimes issued his opinion condemning SAPA, it wasn’t a surprise. In fact, when our legal team began reading his written decision, they were immediately relieved by what they saw.


You see, Wimes simply “rage-ruled.” He let his partisan hatred of the Second Amendment get the best of him. It came out in everything he wrote…and in what he did not write.

Wimes didn’t interact with the Anti-Commandeering Doctrine. In fact, he didn’t even mention it, even though it’s the historical and constitutional basis of Missouri’s SAPA law!

But that wasn’t the only thing Wimes ‘forgot.’ 

Wimes barely referenced the Supreme Court’s 1997 Printz v United States case, which is an almost identical case where Arizona sheriffs refused to enforce Bill Clinton’s gun control laws.

And Wimes refused to talk about the Supreme Court’s 1842 Prigg v. Pennsylvania case, a foundational case that upheld the states’ right to ignore federal laws they disagreed with.

This is fantastic! You see, by refusing to interact with the constitutional foundation of SAPA and the voluminous amount of Supreme Court caselaw that backs it up, Wimes left the door wide open for our appeal before the 8th Circuit!

But now I must ask for your help.

The deadline for us to submit our Amicus Brief is coming fast, and I need your help to make sure our lawyers can file the best possible Amicus Brief before this case is heard by the court.


I know you’ve given, repeatedly, to the SAPA fight.

Your previous support allowed us to pass SAPA, defend it before the State Supreme Court, make sure it wasn’t repealed by RINOs in 2022, and fight for it in federal court.

But we can’t stop now!

We must fight in the 8TH Circuit Court of Appeals! When we win this fight, we’ll protect 6 million Missourians from Biden’s tyranny AND give all of red America a bright roadmap to follow! 

But before we can do that, I must raise an additional $21,500 in the next two weeks! And that’s why I desperately hope you make an immediate donation of $50 or $100 TODAY!

No one else is going to fight for us.

It’s up to you and me. But the truth is that it’s always been that way! MOFC members passed SAPA in 2021. We defended it in court in 2022. And we’re going to do it again in Circuit Court, too!

So if $50 or $100 isn’t possible, please consider $35, $25, $17.76, or whatever you can afford.

Our grandkids’ future is on the line.

If SAPA is upheld, Missouri will remain free from Biden’s tyranny.

If not, it won’t matter how many gun bills we pass in Jeff City, our cops will be stuck enforcing Biden’s gun control!

Stand with us again. Make a generous donation TODAY!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. The fight for SAPA is headed to the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals now that the court has published their ‘scheduling order.’  MOFC needs to file our Amicus Brief FAST!  

SAPA is how we keep Missouri cops from being used to enforce Biden’s tyrannical gun control laws. But it’s bigger than that. It’s the roadmap to keeping all of ‘red’ America free!

Please make a generous donation today of $250, $100, $50, $25, or $17.76 so that we can fight in court and send Biden a message that Missouri WILL NEVER SUBMIT TO HIS GUN CONTROL AGENDA!