Video Update with Attorney General Eric Schmitt!

The day that Missouri enacted the Second Amendment Preservation Act last year, the order went out from the White House to the Department of InJustice to get SAPA overturned NO MATTER WHAT!

Joe Biden’s handlers know that if Missouri’s SAPA law stands, not only will their agenda collapse here in Missouri, but red states across the country will soon follow suit.

That’s why the Missouri Firearms Coalition’s legal team has been fighting back against the DOJ’s attack on SAPA for the last 6 months. First, we beat them in Circuit Court. Recently, we squared off against them before the Missouri Supreme Court.

And most recently, the DOJ has filed a lawsuit challenging SAPA in Federal Court. Rest assured, we’ll be fighting to stop them there, too!

The great news, however, is that we’re not having to fight against the federal government alone. Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt has been right there the whole time, loudly standing up for Missouri’s SAPA law.

Recently I had the chance to sit down with Schmitt to talk about SAPA, our chances of preserving this law, the likelihood of it winding up before the United States Supreme Court and more.

Check it out here, or by clicking below!

As you just heard, Eric Schmitt is determined to do everything in his power to defend Missouri’s best-in-the-nation SAPA law from Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, and the radical left!  

And the Missouri Firearms Coalition’s legal team will continue to do our part as well. In fact, we are days away from filing our response to the DOJ’s challenge in Federal Court and we need your help.


Please be generous.

We are going up against the Department of Justice with their unlimited budget. And while MOFC’s legal team works very efficiently, I still anticipate combined expenses of between $10,000 – $20,000.

But you know how important this is to Missouri, and to gun owners across the country. So please rush me your generous donation immediately!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. MOFC’s Aaron Dorr recently sat with down Missouri’s Attorney General Eric Schmitt, talking about SAPA and the DOJ’s attempt to overturn it in court.

Watch our video report here 

Then, please make an immediate donation to MOFC’s legal defense fund. Our legal team is days away from filing our response to the DOJ’s lawsuit, but we need your help to pay for this.


Missouri Second Amendment Preservation Act is the best in the nation and if it is upheld, the rest of ‘Red’ America will be rushing to implement it. Help us hold the line!