Video Update: House Bill 2118 is Ready for a Floor Vote!

After a lot of phone calls and emails from gun owners across the state, the House Rules Committee moved House Bill 2118 through their committee last week by a vote of 7-3!

HB-2118 is MOFC’s legislation that would provide several badly needed upgrades to Missouri’s self-defense law. And now that this bill has cleared Rules, it can be voted on in the full House at any time.

The media is running wild with stories about the harm this bill would cause, just like they did last year when we passed the Second Amendment Preservation Act. They truly hate gun owners.

For the latest on this bill, why we need it so badly here in Missouri, and how you can help us move this bill along in the legislative process, watch our video report here.

As you just heard, the good news is that House Bill 2118 would fix every problem in Missouri’s self-defense laws, and it is ready for a vote in the full House — the bad news is that RINOs in Jeff City are opposed to the bill.

That’s why you need to contact your State Representative using the link below, and insist that he support HB-2118 on the floor!


We’re at the end of March. It’s not time panic time yet, but there is no time to waste, either. So please send this email right away and then encourage other gun owners to do the same thing.

Then, please make a donation to make sure that MOFC has the ammo we need to fight for you. Between fighting for this bill and fighting to defend SAPA in federal court, MOFC needs your help right away!

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Your pressure is what has propelled this bill through both committees in the House. Keep it up, tell your State Representative to support HB-2118 on the floor by sending him your email today!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. In the video update above, MOFC gives you the latest on House Bill 2118, where we are in the process in Jeff City, why we need this bill so badly, and how you can help. Watch it now!

Then, send this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to your State Representative and make sure he knows where you stand on this bill.


When you’re done, please make a donation to the Missouri Firearms Coalition so that we can keep fighting to expand our self-defense laws here in Missouri so you don’t get McCloskey’d!