They Want to Repeal Stand-Your-Ground Law!

I need your help.

With Governor Eric Greitens’ resignation, the left’s war against President Trump, and the media’s overt cheerleading for the gun-grabbers to sweep to victory in November, it’s looking more and more like our backs are against the wall this election year.

BILLIONAIRE anti-gun activist Michael Bloomberg and his anti-gun allies are betting big that Missouri is ripe for a takeover.

If he gets his way, BOTH Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry will be on the chopping block next session.

That’s why I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE action.

Will you please sign the petition that we have prepared for you? More on that below.

As you’ll see, this petition insists that ALL of your candidates for the Missouri House and Senate pledge to DEFEND Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground as written.

Without your action, I’m worried Missouri could be staring straight at a gun control DISASTER.

Earlier this year, we watched 10,000 anti-gun protesters show up in Saint Louis, marching in support of the most draconian gun bans and confiscations you can dream up.

Kansas City Mayor Sly James is blaming his city’s crime problem on the Second Amendment, calling for more gun control.

Saint Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson has even called for the outright CONFISCATION of AR-15s and hundreds of similar firearms!

Their chorus is being echoed on a daily basis by gun-grabbers in our statewide media.

Help us stop the gun-grabbers momentum, by signing your petition IMMEDIATELY!


And at the very top of the gun-grabbers’ list are the major pro-gun reforms you and I passed into law over Governor Jay Nixon’s veto in late 2016.

Now, under Missouri Law, Second Amendment supporters all over our state enjoy:


In the event of a criminal attack, no longer do      Missouri gun owners have to worry about proving      to a judge they attempted to retreat before using      their firearms in self-defense.

As any self-defense expert will tell you, the      LAST thing you want to be thinking about when you      and your loved ones’ lives are on the line is a      court case.

Under Missouri’s Stand-Your-Ground Law, if you’re      legitimately in danger, you’re empowered to use      deadly force to defend it — without worrying      about what some anti-gun prosecutor or judge      might say.


Under Constitutional Carry, if you’re legal to      own a gun, you’re legal to carry it concealed to      protect yourself and your family.

That means no filling out paperwork, no dealing      with bureaucratic rigmarole, no paying expensive      fees and no asking for permission just to      exercise your basic rights.

But perhaps most importantly, it means not      worrying about the next time a Missouri      government agency is going to hand your name to      an anti-gun President — like when the Missouri      Highway Patrol handed a list of our state’s      concealed carry permit holders to the Obama      administration!

Gun-grabbers want BOTH of these reforms wiped off the books.

Sadly, they might not even need a complete legislative takeover to do it!

Many times, after legislators pass a solid bill like Constitutional Carry/Stand-Your-Ground, they start to get nervous . . .

They suddenly feel like they need to make up for it by passing a bad one “to look reasonable to the voters.”

A bad result in November is going to convince many of our former “friends” that gun control is the wave of the future.

That’s why our job is to draw a line in the sand AGAINST Constitutional Carry/Stand-Your-Ground repeal — before it’s too late. Please sign your petition right away!

The good news is, election time — when they’re out desperately seeking votes — is when legislators tend to listen best to the folks back home.

When they’re safely back in Jefferson City, media elites and the slick lobbyists armed with fat checks often have their ear, and it takes an overwhelming grassroots FORCE to ensure our voices are heard.

So your action right now could not be more important.

First, please sign the petition that we have prepared for you.

Second, please agree to your most generous contribution.

Your generosity will help me hammer these candidates with an outpouring of opposition to any attempt to repeal Constitutional Carry/Stand-Your-Ground.

The truth is, right now is our best chance to kill this scheme — not after November 6 or in January when the State Legislature goes back into session.

It’s NOW.

That’s why I’m counting on your action and financial support.

I know I’ve asked a lot of you this year. But you know just how high the stakes are today with gun-grabbers on the attack.

So could you consider a contribution of $100?

I know that’s a sizeable chunk of money for many, and may be a big stretch for you right now.

But you’ve seen your support for Missouri Firearms Coalition make a tremendous impact.

Of course, if $100 is just too much (I certainly understand if it is), would you please agree to $50 or at least $25 today?

The political winds certainly don’t look friendly to you and me right now . . .

If we want to cement the gains we’ve made — and turn back the gun-grabbers’ anti-gun assaults — we’re going to have to FIGHT.

Please sign your petitionand agree to your most generous contribution of $100, $50 or at least $25 right away!

For Freedom,

Dr. Curt Frazier





Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. The gun-grabbers are emboldened like never before.

They believe nothing less than FULL REPEAL of both Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground are within their grasp.

If we wait until after November to fight back against this scheme, it will be too late.

Please sign the petition that we have prepared for you right away!

When you’re done, please also include your most generous contribution of $100, $50 or at least $25 TODAY!