Senator-Elect Burlison Pre-Files “Gun Free Zone Repeal” Legislation!

As we fight to make sure that not a single gun control bill makes any progress in the upcoming legislative session, the Missouri Firearms Coalition is going to do all we can to finally rid Missouri of deadly ‘Gun Free Zones!’

As a reminder, we have over a dozen state-mandated ‘Gun Free Zones’ here in Missouri!

These are places where you and I can not carry a firearm for self-defense, whether using a carry permit or via our Constitutional Carry statue.

Of course, mass shooters and other hardened criminals don’t even hesitate when carrying out mass attacks in these areas.

In fact, it’s the opposite, as ‘Gun Free Zone’ policies are a virtual welcome sign to criminals looking to rack up a body count!

Last session, our bill to repeal these deadly areas died after first passing two House committees -– as House leadership was nervous about Bloomberg-funded rallies opposing this bill.

At the same time, there was not a Senator who was willing to lead this fight.

But with Rep. Burlison getting promoted to the Senate, and Rep. Jered Taylor coming back to the House, gun owners have true gun rights leaders in both chambers that are committed to leading this fight.

In fact, I’m happy to inform you that Senator-Elect Burlison pre-filed this bill in the Senate early last week!

Once passed into law, Senate Bill 121 would remove the current ‘Gun Free Zone’ policies that are in effect in locations like:

>>> Churches; the site of many horrific mass shootings over the last five years.

>>> Restaurants; being forced to disarm while out to eat with your family only leaves you vulnerable and your firearms subject to being stolen from your vehicle.

>>> Precinct locations on election day; after all, is there anything more unamerican than being forced to disarm while going to vote?

>>> Daycares; current law leaves your children totally helpless in the event of a violent situation, as staff members can not carry a firearm.

>>> Hospitals; as a former police officer I can tell you that many violent altercations spill into the ER waiting room.

The bill also lifts the blanket ban that currently bans permitted, concealed carry on college campuses — meaning that teachers, staff, and adult students would have a chance to fight back during a mass shooting.

Simply put: Senate Bill 121 would be a massive step forward for gun owners in Missouri and would tell Michael Bloomberg that his radical ideology is not welcome here!

But passing this bill in Jeff City will be a major undertaking, and we need your help.

So please take a moment to sign your petition in support of this life-saving legislation IMMEDIATELY!

I’m sick of seeing innocent people slaughtered — enabled by idiotic politicians who think a stone-cold killer is going to see a “Gun Free Zone” sticker on a door and go, “I guess I can’t go in here!”

I know you are, too.

But we are not going to pass this bill without a fight.

So once you’ve signed your petition, please make an immediate donation to help the Missouri Firearms Coalition pour on the pressure in Missouri.

We plan to use targeted social media, robo calls, direct mail, mass emails, media circuits, and more to mobilize an army of gun owners –- just like we did in 2016 when we passed Constitutional Carry.

But it all takes money.

And with Bloomberg using a state-of-the-art fundraising program in Missouri, and raising money and recruiting new volunteers around the clock, we can’t sit back and just hope for the best.

Already his people outnumber us in the capitol ten to one!

Please make sure that we have the resources to fight with once session convenes, with a donation of $10, $25, $50, $100 or even more, right away!

Thank you, in advance, for standing with us!


For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr

Policy Advisor




Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. Last week Senator-Elect Eric Burlison pre-filed Senate Bill 121, the bill to finally do away with deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ here in Missouri once and for all!

This is a great first step, but now we need grassroots Missourians to get involved and take a stand.

First, sign your petition in support of this legislation!

Second, make an immediate donation to help us spread the word about this bill and get more gun owners involved in this fight!