SAPA Legislation is Exploding in Jeff City!

“In my seven years in the Missouri State House of Representatives, I don’t think I have ever seen a bill with over 80 cosponsors — certainly not a gun bill!”

That’s what Rep. Jered Taylor just told me, as we were reviewing the current list of cosponsors on the Second Amendment Preservation Act (H.B. 1637) that we are pushing in Jeff City.

As of this moment, we have a stunning 81 total cosponsors backing Representative Jered Taylor’s bill, meaning that we now have a Constitutional majority of the House backing it! I have to tell you, this is a major accomplishment and it is primarily due to the emails that you are relentlessly pouring into the Capitol!

Since our last update, the following lawmakers have added their name to this bill. Representatives’ Lynch, Stacy, Cupps, Wilson, Muntzel, Reedy, Pogue, Tate, Morse, Allred, Eslinger, Sharpe, and Gregory.

These lawmakers now join the following legislators who have previously cosponsored House Bill 1637: Shawan, Bailey, Baker, Lovasco, Moon, Billington, Neely, Chipman, Pollock, Smith, Hudson, Deaton, Rehder, Hansen, Dinkins, Toalson-Reisch, Basye, McDaniel, Anderson, Miller, Spencer, Kelley, Bromley, Wiemann, Simmons, Murphy, Hurst, Walsh, Kelly, Stephens, Christofanelli, Pietzman, Remole, Love, Hicks, Ross, Coleman, Griffith, Bondon, Porter, Morris, Hovis, Messenger, Trent, Richey, DeGroot, McGaugh, Schnelting, Fitzwater, Busick, Dohrman, Shaul, Ruth, McGirl, Rone, Roden, Henderson, Kidd, Griesheimer, Black, Sommer, Kolkmeyer, Haffner, Hill, Mayhew, Francis, Fishel, Vescovo, and Riggs.

With substantially over 50% of the Republican caucus now backing this legislation, there should be alarm bells ringing off in your mind right now if you don’t see your State Representative’s name on this list!

As you may remember, the Second Amendment Preservation Act would nullify federal gun control by stating that federal gun control laws that are in violation of the Second Amendment and the Missouri Constitution are null and void in our state.

And with every single one of the Democratic contenders seeking the nomination to run against President Trump calling for gun confiscation, we need these protections now!

(To learn more about the bill, see our previous article.)

But pressure is mounting against this legislation.

Michael Bloomberg’s forces were out in force this week, harassing lawmakers over their support of this legislation and trying to convince legislative moderates to kill the bill.

And to be honest, they may be successful if we don’t continue to stand and fight!

Please help us immediately, by:

>>>Emailing your State Representative if his or her name is not listed above and insist that they support this legislation! Feel free to use our pre-written email.

>>> Contacting the General Laws Committee Chairman Dean Plocher, and insist that he move H.B. 1637 through the committee at once! (You can call him at 573-751-1544 and you can email him at [email protected].)

>>> Contacting Speaker Haahr and insisting that he move H.B. 1637 onto the floor for a vote as soon as possible. (You can call Speaker Haahr at 573-751-2210 and you can email him at [email protected].)

Please understand that they are going to try to spin you, to make you believe that they are 100% on your side, even though they aren’t acting like it.

Here’s how the game works.

The Speaker’s staff will tell you that the bill is ‘in the hands of the committee Chairman,’ implying that it’s entirely up to Chairman Plocher. Chairman Plocher’s staff will tell you that ‘we’re waiting
for the Speaker to tell us when to hold the hearing,’ implying that it’s entirely up to the Speaker.

Don’t believe a word of it.

They are just telling you this in an attempt to get out from underneath your pressure.

In fact, I would ask that you double down when they say that and remind them that you’ll hold them BOTH responsible for this bill should it be held back!

Please contact them immediately!

And once you’re done, please also consider a donation to help the Missouri Firearms Coalition continue to fight for you in Jeff City.

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr

Policy Advisor
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. Support for the Second Amendment Preservation Act is exploding in Jeff City, with a staggering eighty-two lawmakers having signed up as a cosponsor!

This is a constitutional majority, meaning we already have the votes we need to pass this legislation, as long as the bill gets to the floor for a vote!

But that won’t happen if Speaker Elijah Haahr and General Laws Committee Chairman Dean Plocher continue to ‘slow roll’ the bill, as they seek to run out the clock.

Please contact both of them, using the information provided above, and insist that they take action on this bill immediately!