Rep. Washington Wants to Put You in Prison for a Decade!

I have to admit, my hands were shaking with anger for a few moments after I read the bill. I almost couldn’t believe it!

If there was ever any doubt about what the radical gun control crowd in Jeff City wants to do to law abiding gun owners like you and me, Representative Barbara Washington has answered that question once and for all.

That’s because Representative Washington just filed House Bill 1533, legislation that would put you IN PRISON FOR TEN YEARS for the crime of owning a magazine that holds over ten rounds of ammunition or an AR-15 rifle!

No, I’m not kidding. And no, Representative Washington isn’t the only lawmaker pushing this bill.

And with the weak leadership we’re seeing in the House AND Senate right now, gun owners need to take this threat very seriously.

That’s why I’ve attached a special petition with this email, one that I hope you will immediately sign, demanding that your lawmaker loudly oppose H.B. 1533 or any similar legislation!

You see, ten or fifteen years ago, the fight for gun rights in this country was different. Our enemies were different. The bills they tried to pass were different. And the response from gun owners was different.

But those days are gone.

The gun grabbers that we are facing today — from Jefferson City to Washington, D.C. — hate law abiding gun owners like you and me, and they won’t stop until we are disarmed or in prison!

And that’s why, as gun owners, we need to crush any effort to advance bills like this the moment they come up, to make sure these America-hating socialists know that gun owners are always on guard and ready to respond to any attack on our Second Amendment freedoms!

While there are many nasty bills that we are monitoring this session in Jeff City, H.B. 1533 is the worst bill that we’ve seen. That’s because it would:

>>>  Send you to prison for ten years for the crime of possessing an ‘assault weapon!’

With over 20 million AR-15’s in circulation in the United States, it is the most popular rifle in the country, but Washington’s bill would make every Missourian an instant felon for possessing these rifles.

And of course, the way the bill is drafted, an assault weapon includes HUNDREDS of different rifles, all the way down to a Ruger 10/22 with a collapsible stock!

>>>  Send you to prison for ten years for the crime of owning  any magazine that holds over ten rounds of ammunition!

In the heat of a self-defense shooting, especially one  involving a blitz attack with multiple attackers (like the ones that happen every day in St. Louis and KC,) no one knows how many rounds of ammunition you’ll need.

But like the other gun control bills that we’ve seen, this  legislation would penalize law abiding gun owners, while doing nothing to stop hardened criminals.

>>>  Force gun manufacturers that operate here in Missouri to close their doors for good or move out of state!

Missouri is home to a growing number of companies that produce high quality AR-15’s and their accessories, but these companies would be in violation of the law as Washington’s bill specifically bans the manufacture of   AR-15’s and the magazines that feed them!

A violation of House Bill 1533 would constitute a Class C felony, meaning you would me unable to vote or possess firearms for the rest of your life!

Care to guess what other types of crimes in Missouri come with a Class C charge?

A partial list includes involuntary manslaughter in the first degree, statutory rape in the second degree, possession of a controlled substance, and theft.

Do you see what I mean when I said that these radical gun grabbers hate you? They think that law abiding gun owners belong in the same category as killers, rapists, and thieves!

And while Representative Washington’s bill would make criminals out of tens of thousands of gun owners here in Missouri, it would do absolutely nothing to stop blood-thirsty killers in St. Louis, Kansas City or anywhere else in our great state!

That’s because gun control simply doesn’t work.

Background checks have failed to stop criminals.

3-day waiting periods have failed to stop criminals.

‘Gun Free Zones’ have failed to stop criminals.

And this proposed ban on the AR-15 and magazines that hold over ten rounds of ammunition won’t stop any criminals, either.

But the truth is, this legislation wasn’t designed to stop criminals. Barbara Washington and her sick followers in Jeff City are pushing this legislation because they want to demonize, disarm, and imprison you!

That’s why I hope that you’ll take immediate action, by signing the petition that we have prepared for you.

And after you sign the petition, I hope that you’ll also consider a generous donation to help us crank up the heat against this dangerous legislation!

In addition to the programs that we are already running to advance the Second Amendment Preservation Act as well as our bill to end deadly ‘Gun Free Zones,’ we need to absolutely CRUSH H.B. 1533.

But we need your continued support to do that.

Our goal is to flood lawmakers with petitions, emails, phone calls and Facebook messages from every gun owner in their district, reminding them of what is waiting for them if they support this legislation!

We are working to do that through a combination of:

1. Internet and digital ads; you’ve likely seen some of these ads from us before. Whether it’s our ads at election time or the ads we’ve run urging Senators Blunt and Hawley to oppose ‘Red Flags in Washington, these ads are hard hitting, and they leave a mark!

2. Mass emails; email mobilization is quick and effective and allows us to embed videos into them, giving gun owners the latest information on this bill.

3. Direct mail; if we have time, direct mail is still a fantastic way to reach out to massive amounts of gun owners, letting them know when to take action!

But we need your help to crank up these programs, which is why I hope that you will consider an immediate contribution of $100!

I know that’s a lot, in fact it’s more than you’ve probably ever given before. But we’re at a crossroads here in Missouri.

Are we going to sit back and do nothing, while America-hating socialists continue to hammer away at our right to keep and bear arms?

Or are we going to stand up and fight back by crushing H.B. 1533 and reminding everyone in Jeff City that gun owners are active and mobilized, and that we will hold lawmakers accountable for any attack on our freedoms?

If you agree then please help us. If $100 is simply not possible at this time, I hope you’ll agree to $75 or at least $25 so we can implement the plan we laid out above!

Whatever you do, please sign your petition right away, that’s most important!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. Missouri State Representative Barbara Washington has declared open war against gun owners in Missouri, by sponsoring House Bill 1533!

While doing nothing to stop criminals, this legislation would put otherwise law abiding gun owners in prison for TEN YEARS for possessing an AR-15 or any magazine that holds over ten rounds of ammunition!

This is absolutely outrageous!

If you agree, please fill out and sign the petition that we have attached for you as soon as possible.

And, if you can, please include a donation of $100, $75 or at least $25 to make sure that the Missouri Firearms Coalition has the resources we need to fight back!

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