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After the recent horrific murders in Las Vegas, gun-grabbers and their pals in the press believe the 2018 political winds are sure to be blowing their way.

Sadly, so does the insider and “consultant class” in Jefferson City.

They’re advising anyone who will listen to “play it safe” in 2018 — to keep ALL pro-gun bills out of the public spotlight and let them die quiet deaths . . .

Some are even urging legislators to look for ways to support “compromise” gun control schemes, like the bills being offered up by Republican State Representative Donna Lichtenegger!

They say legislators have “done enough” for Second Amendment supporters, so it’s “ok” if they take us for granted in 2018!

Site, I’m afraid this is all music to the ears of BILLIONAIRE gun-grabbers like Michael Bloomberg and George Soros who are just waiting for an opportunity to jump back into Missouri with both feet.

That’s why I’m counting on you to help me FIGHT BACK -– by renewing your membership in the Missouri Firearms Coalition TODAY! More on that below.

The truth is, if our supposed allies adopt this “sit on their hands” strategy, it will effectively roll out the red carpet for national anti-gun groups who are looking to re-establish a presence in the Midwest ahead of the 2020 presidential elections.

When pro-gun legislators ignore their campaign promises, grassroots energy dies. Gun-grabbers become more emboldened.

And Michael Bloomberg and George Soros find it easier and easier to start sneaking legislators in BOTH parties they believe they can “work with” through Primary and General Election campaigns — without taking tough stands on Second Amendment issues.

The good news is, you and I have already forced action on the Missouri “Gun Free Zone” Repeal Bill, passing it through THREE House Committees in 2017.

So the stage is set for a showdown on the House floor.

After passage of Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground last year, this is a critical next step.

As you know, it’s no accident that madmen, ISIS-wannabees, and bloodthirsty criminals target so-called “Gun Free Zones” when looking to rack up a high body count.

They know anti-gun government officials have already done the work of disarming anyone who can fight back and that they’re free to shoot away until they run out of bullets.

Sadly, our state is one of the most restrictive when it comes to places marked “off limits” to law-abiding gun owners by state law.

Under state law, ALL of the following areas are declared a “Gun Free Zone,” including:

***  Hospitals. As a physician, I can tell you that gang      violence routinely spills over into hospitals as      criminals look to ensure those who might talk to      police are “taken care of” before they’re able to;

***  Churches. With the growing threat from thousands of      Islamic refugees, Christians are sure to become      bigger targets in the coming years. And as we saw      in Charleston, South Carolina in 2015 and the      recent shooting at a Tennessee church this year,      churches are high on killers’ lists of “soft      targets;”

***  Many restaurants. As if there was no need for      Missouri citizens to have some way to protect      themselves walking to their cars at night after a      late dinner!

***  Day cares. Just as we’ve seen in schools, day cares      have also been targets for those seeking to make      news headlines through murder;

***  Polling places and local government meetings. Local      government officials are allowed to carry to      protect themselves. Isn’t your life worth just as      much? With ISIS calling for violence at American      polling places in the lead up to the 2018      elections, our citizens must be able to protect      themselves.

The Missouri “Gun Free Zone” Repeal Bill would simply remove the state-directed prohibition against having a legal firearm in any one of these areas.

It would also mandate that K-12 schools provide a legal method for someone on the premises to carry through an enhanced permit — whether that’s teachers, school administrators or security officers.

Just as we’ve seen with Columbine and Newtown, our kids are often the most vulnerable to blood-crazed lunatics.

Isn’t it time a gunman was forced to think twice before targeting a school for a shooting spree?

The good news is, just forcing a public, roll-call vote puts you and me in a win/win situation.

As the battle over “Gun Free Zone” Repeal heats up, candidates running for office will no longer be able to keep their views on the Second Amendment secret. The issue will just be too big.

Not only that, but every single one of Bloomberg’s allies will be exposed for all to see

Many of them will pay a severe price at the polls.

But it’s going to take resources to force the State Legislature on record. Then it will take resources to hold legislators accountable with our 2018 Candidate Survey Program.

That means mail, email, Social Media, and even hard-hitting radio and online ads to ensure Missouri Second Amendment supporters know the TRUTH about where their candidates stand on critical gun rights issues.

Of course, none of the plans I have for 2018 are going to be cheap. But with all we have on our plate, I hope you’ll renew your membership in the Missouri Firearms Coalition right away!

As you renew your membership for 2018, I hope you’ll agree to stretch and give more than you’ve done in the past.

In a world where politicians and organizations will often promise the world and deliver nothing, I couldn’t be more proud of the real results Missouri Firearms Coalition members and supporters have been able to accomplish.

Thanks to your action and support, we’ve made both Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground a reality here in Missouri!

With your continued support, we’ll make “Gun Free Zone” Repeal a reality as well.

But nothing we do would be possible without your consistent support — so please renew your support for 2018 NOW!

The truth is, you’re a critical part of the Missouri Firearms Coalition’s winning team.

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But you’ve seen the impact your support can make.

Now, I’m counting on you to help keep this winning streak going in 2018 by making “Gun Free Zone” Repeal a reality and helping us prepare the biggest Candidate Survey Program in the Missouri Firearms Coalition’s history in 2018.

As always, the amount you choose is up to you.

But I hope you will agree to $100 if possible, or at least $50 or $35.

Your support will make all the difference in the critical year ahead!


For Freedom,

Dr. Curt Frazier
Chairman of the Board
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. The coming year is going to be critical with battles over “Gun Free Zone” Repeal, gun-grabbers going all-out to cash in on the result of the recent Las Vegas horror, and many claiming the political winds will be blowing against us in 2018.

That’s why I’m counting on you to please be as generous as possible when you renew your membership in the Missouri Firearms Coalition with a donation of $100 or more.


If you can, I’ll be sure to rush you an MOFC T-Shirt and member decal right away!

If $100 is simply not possible, please renew your membership right away for $50, $35 or whatever amount you can afford!