Pro-Gun Legislation on the Move in Jeff City!

It’s been a busy time in Jefferson City as we fight to advance HB 630, legislation to repeal the deadly “Gun Free Zones” that plague Missouri.

We’ve got some news to report, and there are steps that I need you to take, so please read this entire report.

Late last week, Michael Bloomberg’s front group poured into Jefferson City and did their best to try to shut our bill down.

While they aren’t able to pass anything that resembles a gun control bill, they may be able to siphon off badly needed support that we need to advance our legislation.

As you may remember, HB 630 would remove the “Gun Free Zones” from places like churches, daycares, hospitals, restaurants, polling places, and more.

These are places where madmen and terrorist sympathizers always go to rack up a body count — and way too many people have been killed in these areas as a result!

As of this morning, Andrew McDaniel, Curtis Trent, Don Rone, Hannah Kelly, Cody Smith, and Bryan Spencer have cosponsored this legislation

What’s more, in the coming days, we expect to announce the cosponsorship of addition legislators!

Thank you for helping us get these cosponsors by making calls and emails to your legislator — but if your state representative’s names isn’t on this bill, then please contact them over the weekend and ask why not!

If you are not sure who your legislator is, please click here!

Also, this bill was referred to a special sub-committee designed to handle the gun legislation in the House this session.

That’s why, in addition to calling your own state rep to urge him to cosponsor, I need you to contact the following members of the sub-committee right away, and urge them to advance this bill!

>>>  Rep. Chuck Basye, [email protected], 573-751-1501

>>>  Rep. Sonya Anderson, [email protected], 573-751-2948

>>>  Rep. Lauren Arthur, [email protected], 573-751-2199

>>>  Rep. Gary Cross, [email protected], 573-751-1459

>>>  Rep. Tracy McCreery, [email protected], 573-751-7535

>>>  Rep. Rebecca Roeber, [email protected], 573-751-1456

Your message is very simple:

“Gun Free Zones” have been proved time and time again to be the favorite targets for madmen looking to kill as many people as possible. HB 630 would eliminate these areas where innocent Missourians are left defenseless –- while still allowing private businesses to set their own policies. Please advance HB 630 with no weakening amendments!”

This bill is starting to pick up momentum, which means that it’s also starting to attract more enemies.

We all remember the amount of money that out-of-state NYC billionaire Michael Bloomberg spent last year trying to kill Constitutional Carry law.

He’ll certainly continue to be active in trying to crush our Second Amendment freedoms as this bill heats up — something that we saw last week with his activists prowling the halls of the Capitol.

So please, after you’ve contacted your legislator and the members of the committee listed above, consider a donation to the Missouri Firearms Coalition to help us get the word out!

Whether you can contribute $100, $50, $25 or even just $10, please act fast.

Whatever you do, please call and email the legislators listed above right away!

For Freedom,

Dr. Curt Frazier
Chairman of the Board

P.S. HB 630, our bill to repeal the deadly “Gun Free Zones” that blanket Missouri, has been picking up steam in Jefferson City as more legislators are cosponsoring.

Bloomberg’s forces are getting concerned, which is why his front groups were prowling the halls of the Capitol in Jefferson City last week.

This bill was just assigned to a special sub-committee who will decide the bill’s future. That’s why I need you to call the members of the committee using the information listed above!

It’s heating up in Jefferson City — so please act fast!

Finally, if you can, please make a donation to MOFC right now so we can continue to fight for the Second Amendment in Jeff City!