Pro-Gun Bill Filed in Jeff City!

It’s time to make your voice heard in Jefferson City!

For weeks now, we’ve been working with Rep. Jered Taylor on finalizing the language to repeal the deadly “Gun Free Zones” that plague Missouri.

As you’ll remember, there are dozens of areas in Missouri where you and I are required to disarm ourselves even though violent predators just laugh at these signs while committing violent crimes.

And as we’ve seen time and time again, these “Gun Free Zone” policies are the favorite targets of madmen who are looking to rack up a body count.

There are hundreds of examples of these “Gun Free Zone” shootings that prove this — including the shooting just last week in the airport in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

We simply must remove the dozens of “Gun Free Zones” that exist here in Missouri — to take the target off of our backs — before a violent tragedy occurs here!

That’s why I’m excited to announce that our bill is finalized and has been filed by Rep. Taylor!

This bill, HB 630, would repeal the blanket ban on the carrying of defensive firearms in places like:

  • Churches; as we saw in 2015 with the deadly shooting in South Carolina where 9 people died, these are a high priority target for crazed gunman.
  • Publicly funded mass transit systems; anyone who’s ever traveled on the St. Louis METROLINK knows that this is the last place that gun owners should be disarmed!
  • Publicly funded colleges and universities; schools are the leading target of psychos looking to attack the most vulnerable people in our society, our children.
  • Daycare centers; it’s a fact that nasty custody disputes and other difficult familial situations often turn violent. Current law makes you unable to defend your children when dropping them off or picking them up from daycare.

I could go on, but the bottom line is that the state of Missouri will no longer be in the business of disarming law abiding Missourians once this bill passes!

Violent thugs will now understand that virtually anywhere they go to launch a violent criminal attack, they are likely to encounter an armed Missourian!

That’s the best way for you and I to shut down these deadly mass attacks.

Of course, private entities are still able to ban firearms on their own property if they wish.

But that’s on them.

You and I are free to ‘vote with our feet,’ to only spend our money in businesses where our right to keep and bear arms is respected.

That’s our decision.

But I need your help to make sure this bill advances, as it won’t happen on its own.

That’s why I need you to contact your Representative and make sure that he/she adds their name to this important legislation, HB 630!

You can get ahold of them by:

  1. Calling the House Switchboard and asking to be connected to your legislator, by calling 573-751-3659.
  2. Emailing your legislator. To find their email address, please click here.
  3. You can also contact them on Facebook.

Better yet, please do all three!

Nothing happens in Jefferson City without being pushed.

You saw how effective your activism was last year with the grassroots groundswell that made Constitutional Carry a reality.

So please, contact your State Representative TODAY!

For Freedom,

Dr. Curt Frazier
Chairman of the Board

P.S. HB 630, the legislation to repeal so-called “Gun Free Zones” here in Missouri has been filed by Rep. Jered Taylor and is awaiting cosponsors!

As you know, these “Gun Free Zones” are extremely dangerous, as they are the favorite target of violent psychos looking to rack up a body count!

But this legislation won’t happen without your support.

Please call, email and Facebook your Representative right away and urge them to cosponsor Rep. Taylor’s bill.

I’ve listed the ways you can contact them above. Please take action!