One Week!

I know that many of you are still in the midst of Christmas celebrations with family and friends, but I hope that you can take a moment to read this update.

You see, we are only a week away from the start of the 2018 legislative session in Jefferson City!

As you know, this session we will be making a major push on our legislation to repeal the deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ that blanket dozens of locations here in Missouri.

These are places where you and I are FORCED to disarm, where violent criminals have the upper hand.

In fact, as we’ve seen time and time again, it’s ‘Gun Free Zones’ like these that are the favorite target for violent thugs looking to rack up a body count.

Consider these incidents, which have all taken place in just the past couple of years:

>>>  June 12, 2016, a terrorist named Omar Mateen shot up the Orlando nightclub, a ‘Gun Free Zone,’ killing 49 innocent people;

>>>  December 2, 2015, two married terrorists, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, launched an attack at an office complex in San Bernardino, CA, in a ‘Gun Free Zone,’ killing 14 innocent people;

>>>  October 1, 2015, a deranged college student named Chris Mercer came into a classroom at the Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, OR, a ‘Gun Free Zone,’ and opened fire, killing 9 innocent people;

>>>  June 17, 2015, a racist named Dylann Roof opened fire in a Charleston, SC church during a prayer service, a ‘Gun Free Zone,’ killing 9 innocent people.

That’s why the legislature must act in the upcoming legislative session!

But passing legislation this big doesn’t just happen. It is the result of tremendous grassroots pressure, pressure that we are working on building right now!

Please do your part right away, by signing your petition in support of this crucial legislation!

Already thousands of your fellow Missourians have added their name to the list of gun owners who are fed up with the idea of having to disarm themselves in public.

Have you?

We are planning on showing up at the Capitol in the opening days of the 2018 session with a mountain of these signed petitions — and we want to make sure that your petition is in that stack!

Your legislator needs to hear from you.

Last year our bill got through three House committees before being shut down. But things are different this year, as it’s an election year.

Your legislator knows that before he can count on the support of gun owners, he needs to pass a gun bill.

That’s why 2018 is so important to advancing this legislation.

However, the anti-gun forces in Jefferson City know this too, and they are ramping up for the session as well.

From phony hits in the media claiming a spike in murder rates in St. Louis since the passage of Constitutional Carry to bringing in Bloomberg-funded ‘volunteers’ to lobby against the Second Amendment — we can expect a full court press.

But nothing is as effective as grassroots gun owners lobbying their legislators with signed petitions demanding legislative action.

They know that you and I live here, we vote here, and we’re watching them to see what they do with this bill.

So before we deliver our thousands of petitions, please make sure your voice is heard — sign your petition now!

And when you’re done, I really hope you’ll consider an immediate donation to help us get ready for the 2018 legislative session!

We need help mobilizing as many gun owners as possible, to make sure that all of us are pouring pressure onto the legislature when the times comes.

That means mail, emails, social media work and possibly radio and TV ads if we can afford it.

So please help us with a generous donation of $100 right away!

I know that’s a lot, but it’s important.

If that’s simply too much, please make an immediate donation of any amount that you can, to help us prepare for the session, as we’re only a week away!

Whatever you do, please sign your petition right away, that’s most important.

For Freedom,

Dr. Curt Frazier
Chairman of the Board
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. The 2018 legislative session is only a week away!

Our fight to end ‘Gun Free Zones’ will kick off right away, starting with us delivering a mountain of signed petitions to the legislature!

Make sure your name is on the list of gun owners who are tired of having to disarm in so many places here in Missouri –- by signing your petition right away!

And please help us prepare for the fight that is coming, with a generous donation of any amount, right away, so that we can mobilize as many gun owners as possible.