Nine People Paid the Ultimate Price…

Two weeks ago today, Dylann Roof was found guilty on all counts in the horrific mass shooting that took place in a church in South Carolina in 2015.

Nine people died in this shooting spree, which took place during a church Bible study.

And while the case in South Carolina is about to be put to rest forever, I’m concerned that this same situation could play out again because South Carolina doesn’t allow law abiding citizens to carry in church.

What did this law do to stop Dylann Roof?

Does anyone think that he paused for a moment to consider not perpetrating a mass murder just because the building was a “Gun Free Zone?”

Of course not.

The bottom line is that laws like these only serve the interest of murderers that are bent on harming innocent people, by telling them exactly where to go to achieve the biggest body count possible.

That’s because you and I can’t carry in these “Gun Free Zones,” and criminals know it.

Thanks to the law in South Carolina, church goers are still sitting ducks if a similar attack would take place.

Sadly, you and I have the same laws hanging over our heads right here in Missouri.

It’s illegal to carry in churches here in Missouri.

It’s illegal to carry in hospitals here in Missouri.

It’s illegal to carry in daycares here in Missouri.

The same is true in many restaurants, schools, sports arenas, and over a dozen other areas that are all deemed “Gun Free Zones” by our state code.

Is it any wonder that violent murders and terrorists are choosing “Gun Free Zones” just like the ones listed above to carry out their vicious attacks?

Of course not.

That’s why, as we kick off the 2017 legislative session in just a few days, the Missouri Firearms Coalition will be fighting tooth and nail to pass legislation designed to repeal these deadly “Gun Free Zones!”

Working with Rep. Jered Taylor as our lead sponsor on this project, we want to level the playing field by allowing Missouri citizens to carry their defensive firearms anywhere not prohibited by federal law.

And we need your help! Please stand with us, by signing your petition in support of repealing so-called “Gun Free Zones” today!

Believe me, your signed petition is very important.

You see, already I’m hearing capitol insiders saying things like, “It won’t happen this year, we passed a gun bill last year, gun owners have to get in line.”

I don’t know about you, but when Americans are getting shot up in “Gun Free Zones” like we’ve seen just this year alone, I don’t feel like taking a number and getting in a line!

One hundred and two people were shot in a “Gun Free Zone” in Orlando this year — forty eight of them were fatally wounded.

Last year, at a community college in Oregon, ten students were fatally wounded in a “Gun Free Zone.”

In Chicago, where the entire city is a virtual gun free zone, 691 people have been killed this year, with almost 3,000 more seriously wounded!

I don’t want to read about a tragedy like this playing out here in Missouri, and that’s why we need to see this legislation become law here in 2017.

Gun owners spoke loudly during the 2016 elections!

After the legislature passed the largest expansion of gun rights in state history, not a single pro-gun legislator lost their seat because of it!

Not one.

More than that, we’ve actually increased our numbers in the Senate, as a committed anti-gun Senator lost reelection last month.

And of course, gun owners, sick and tired of Governor Nixon’s’s vetoes of pro-gun bills, took out their vengeance on his heir apparent Chris Koster and have elected Eric Greitens as Governor!

Clearly, passing pro-gun legislation isn’t just good policy, its good politics.

But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to see this legislation become law. So please, take a moment to sign your petition in support of this legislation!

Thank you, in advance for standing with us.

And, while you’re at it, I hope you’ll please consider chipping in to help us mobilize as many gun owners as possible!

Frankly, we expended tremendous resources working on passage of SB656 this year, and we need to replenish our funds to properly implement our plans for 2017.

So whether you can chip in $50, $25, or even just $10, I hope you’ll do it right away.

And, if you’ve forgotten about renewing your membership in the Missouri Firearms Coalition, please renew right away!

But please at least sign your petition, that’s most important!

For Freedom,

Dr. Curt Frazier
Chairman of the Board

P.S. South Carolina church shooter Dylann Roof was convicted of killing 9 people as his trial wrapped up two weeks ago.

But it’s no wonder why Roof chose a “soft target” like a church to attack

That’s because in South Carolina it’s against the law to carry a defensive firearm in a church. Clearly this law didn’t stop Roof.

But you and I have the same law on the books here in Missouri, only it’s not limited to churches.

No, you and your family are rendered defenseless in churches, schools, daycares, hospitals, sporting events, and many more places.

So please, help us repeal these dangerous “Gun Free Zones” by signing your petition today!

When you’re done, please consider renewing your membership in the Missouri Firearms Coalition, to help us run our 2017 legislative program.