Missouri: Last Minute Push for Red Flags Coming!

The 2024 legislative session ends in three weeks.

This will go down as one of the worst legislative sessions in modern times when it comes to our Second Amendment freedoms.

House Majority Leader Jon Patterson has blocked legislation that would enhance Stand-Your-Ground law, get rid of deadly ‘Gun Free Zones,’ and ban ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ here in Missouri.

But it’s actually much, much worse than that.

You see, just hours after the Chiefs Superbowl parade shooting (a shooting between rival gang members) in February, Patterson said he would consider passing gun control in response to the shooting!

We immediately engaged, alerting MOFC members and others through digital ads, text messages, our email program, and more.

One of our digital ads was seen by almost 135,000 gun owners in Missouri, who hammered Patterson with calls demanding that he walk back his plan to pass ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures.’

Patterson tried to get me to pull the video in a meeting in his office. When that failed, he issued a tepid statement of support for the Second Amendment. But it was all for show.

My sources tell me that Patterson is planning a last minute push on some form of ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ yet this session!

I wish I could say that’s impossible. But Patterson’s voting record has totally collapsed this year. He is siding with the Democrats repeatedly on a whole host of issues.

Patterson’s staff are 100% RINOs. And with his promotion to Speaker of the House all but assured for the 2025 and 2026 session, Patterson believes that he is untouchable. It’s a dangerous combo.

That’s why I am writing you today: to urge you to immediately sign the petition that we’ve prepared for you!

The problems are not limited to the House, either.

Senate President Caleb Rowden is a snake in the grass. I knew he would block gun control this year because he was running for Secretary of State. But Rowden has just dropped out of the race.

No longer a candidate for statewide office and with this being his final year in the Senate, Rowden has nothing to lose.

And with Senator Rowden making deals with Senate Democrats to pass legislation to spite Senate Conservatives, I’m told that he’s openly considering a deal to pass SB-891/HB-1876 (Red Flags)!

The impact of passing ANY FORM of ‘Red Flag’ law is terrible. That’s because a ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ law would:

Allow personal enemies like an ex-spouse, bitter coworker, or a vengeful neighbor to phone in a bogus complaint in an attempt to ruin your life, with almost no consequences!

Allow a liberal judge to hear this allegation that you ‘might be dangerous’ and order the seizure of your firearms before you’ve been charged or convicted of ANYTHING!

Usually allow these hearings to take place in secret. Often, the first time you would know that you’ve been ‘Red Flagged’ is when a SWAT team comes to your home to seize your guns.

Create an almost automated renewal process, meaning that in most cases a gun owner who is disarmed through these laws will NEVER get their firearms back!

As you can see, ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ obliterate the cherished legal doctrine that American citizens are innocent until proven guilty in court.

This legislation gives the Left what they’ve always wanted: the ability to weaponize the courts against gun owners and confiscate our firearms bureaucratically — no conviction needed!

The Democrats want to pass ‘Red Flags’ because they are hard core commies who hate the Second Amendment and are desperate for any sort of gun control win in pro-gun Missouri.

The RINOs want to pass ‘Red Flags’ as currency for other political deals they are working on, and because they want the ‘free money’ that Joe Biden is offering to Missouri.

Don’t forget when Biden passed the falsely named Bi-Partisan Safer Communities Act in 2022, it included $750,000,000 that can be doled out to states that pass a ‘Red Flag’ law!

That includes us here in Missouri.

In fact, the State of Missouri already received a payout of over $5,400,000 from the DOJ as a sort of ‘down payment.’

I’m sure by now you can see that the pieces are lining up for a last-minute sneak attack on gun owners in the form of ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures. ’ We need to act fast!

So please sign your petition today, telling your State Senator and State Representative to ‘VOTE NO’ on any version of ‘Red Flag’ laws that come up before the end of session.


After you do, please consider a donation to MOFC!

We need to crank up the heat in Jeff City, fast.

Since we are low on time, we are going to forgo our direct mail programs. Instead, we are focusing on our text and digital programs to get the word out as fast as we can.

Text-based alerts are incredibly quick to utilize and have an almost 100% viewing rate, but they aren’t free.

Digital ads, like the one I referred to above, allow for hundreds of thousands of gun owners to get an update. But getting that kind of reach on Facebook requires us to spend heavily.

Gun owners often tell me how annoying it is that we have to donate to get the politicians in Jeff City to do their jobs.

While I understand the frustration, I want to be very clear, the support you give to the Missouri Firearms Coalition isn’t used to be nice to politicians, or to bribe them into voting right.

No, we use your support to flood them with calls/emails to PUMMEL THEM INTO SUBMISSION, forcing them to vote the right way!

Frankly, this is the only way that MOFC was able to pass Constitutional Carry, Stand-Your-Ground law, Enhanced Castle Doctrine law, and the Second Amendment Preservation Act.

And if we can run a big enough program, this is how we can shut down Jon Patterson’s plan to move ‘Red Flag’ laws, too!

So please consider a donation of $75 or even $100 so we can get to work.

There is an old expression that weak men create hard times. And Jon Patterson and his team are weak. It’s just a fact.

And they are willing to give the Left exactly what they want (Red Flags) which will create truly hard times in Missouri! We need to stop them.

So if $100 is impossible, please consider $50, $25, or $17.76.

Session is slated to end on May 17. We need to hurry.

Please sign your petition TODAY!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. Weak Republican ‘leaders’ are in full retreat in Jeff City, blocking pro-gun bills in both chambers and, from what we are hearing, looking to move ‘Red Flags’ before adjournment!

We’re down to the last three weeks of this session, and MOFC is going all out trying to flood House and Senate ‘leaders’ with calls and emails demanding they oppose ‘Red Flag’ laws.

Please help us! Sign your petition against SB-891/HB-1876 today, and please consider a gift of $100, $75, $50 or $25 so we can crank up the heat in Jeff City.


Time is running out. Please don’t hesitate.