Missouri: Help Us Kick Biden’s A$$ in Federal Court!

This attack is coming straight from the White House!

After the Missouri Firearms Coalition passed the Second Amendment Preservation Act last year, we knew that the radical left would be in a panic when they realized the ramifications.

So when MOFC’s legal team boot-stomped the DOJ in Circuit Court last year we were pleased, but we knew that wasn’t the end. And when the DOJ was all but laughed out of the Missouri Supreme Court several months ago, we knew we hadn’t heard the last of them.

And unfortunately, we were right.

The Department of Justice has just filed a massive new lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Missouri’s SAPA law, but this time the case will be heard in United States Federal Court!

But this attack on SAPA isn’t being filed by a wet-behind-the-ears first-year lawyer in the Department of InJustice.

No, the Attorney General of the United States — on direct orders from the White House — has personally instructed his staff to do whatever it takes to convince a federal court judge to overturn Missouri’s SAPA law! The stakes couldn’t be higher!

That’s why I am writing you today: to ask for your immediate support. I hate to do this. Your donations gave us the tools we needed to pass this law last year. And your support helped us save SAPA in Circuit Court and before the Missouri Supreme Court.


But these power-hungry thugs in D.C. are not going to sit back and let this go. Honestly, they CAN’T let it go. Let me explain.

You see, Joe Biden’s first two Executive Orders attacking gun owners are going to start being enforced in just a few months.

In June, Biden’s order banning unserialized homemade firearms (known as 80% lowers) takes effect. This order would leave countless Missourians facing felony charges unless they register these firearms.

And in August, Biden’s order banning pistol braces will take effect. The government estimates that there are 40,000,000 of these braces in circulation, but this order will make it a felony to use them in any capacity.

To be clear, these unconstitutional orders are nothing short of tyranny. They weren’t voted on by a single member of Congress. Biden simply decreed these orders into existence since he can’t get them passed through Congress.

Of course, Biden’s handlers don’t care about this. They are desperately trying to get a win for China Joe, because Michael Bloomberg spent over $100,000,000 installing Joe in the White House, and so far, he hasn’t received anything for his money!

What Biden’s handlers DO care about is the impact that Missouri’ SAPA law is having on their plans.


The only way that these Executive Orders will be enforced is if state and local police departments do it; the feds simply lack the manpower they need to do it themselves. Here in Missouri, thanks to SAPA law, Missouri cops only enforce Missouri’s gun laws.

And because we’ve passed the ONLY SAPA law in the nation that has real ‘teeth’ (in the form of $50,000 civil penalties), blue cities like St. Louis and Kansas City are forced to obey the law — even though they absolutely hate it.

So if Merrick Garland and the DOJ can’t convince a judge to overturn Missouri’s SAPA law, not only will their agenda fall flat on its face here in Missouri, SAPA will spread across the country!

That’s why the DOJ can’t let this go! If they do — if Missouri’s SAPA law is allowed to stand — soon every ‘red’ state in America will follow suit and Biden’s agenda will be crushed!

On the contrary, if we lose in court, then there will be nothing standing between gun owners here in Missouri and the tyranny I described above, and SAPA will stall nationwide.

That’s why I hope that you’ll go ‘all in’ and help us defeat these tyrants in court with a very generous gift of $100, $150 or even $250!


I know that’s a lot, especially with soaring fuel prices and Joe Biden’s inflation out of control. But as you just read, everything is on the line!

And we need to raise $25,000 in the next three weeks, so MOFC’s legal team can fight like hell to save SAPA law from China Joe Biden and Merrick Garland!

So if $150 or $100 is not possible, I hope you’ll consider $75, $50 or at least $25 so that our lawyers can get to work.

I am proud that Missouri is on the FRONT LINE in the fight for freedom and that we passed the nation’s best Second Amendment Preservation Act! Now I hope that you’ll help us defend it!

Please rush me your most generous donation TODAY!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act is threatening Biden’s entire gun control agenda! Because without the help from local cops, there won’t be anyone to enforce the gun control he’s advancing through Executive Orders!

That’s why the DOJ has filed a new lawsuit against SAPA law, this time in Federal Court. MOFC’s legal team is waiting for my go-ahead to prepare to fight back against the DOJ.

But we need to raise $25,000 to do this. And we need it fast! Please agree to a generous gift of $150, $75, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford so we can save Missouri’s SAPA law!