Massive Gun Control Bill Filed in D.C.


While America is on lock down across the country, radical socialists in Washington, D.C. are working overtime to advance the biggest gun control bill that I’ve seen in the 12 years that I have been fighting for gun rights!

You might think that with the Dow plummeting 35% percent in the last month and with America facing the potential of 20%unemployment in the coming weeks, that these people would have more pressing things to do.

But make no mistake, the crazed leftists in Washington, D.C. (and in Jeff City) are willing to do whatever it takes to try to destroy our heritage of freedom!

That’s why — while the entire country is distracted — Senator Elizabeth Warren and Congressman Hank Johnson have introduced the nastiest gun control bill in American history.

We will be breaking this bill down in the coming days, but you should know H.R. 5717/S. 3254 is the ‘kitchen sink’ of gun control bills.

If passed, this legislation would:

>>> Create a national permit to buy a gun
>>>  Establish a nationwide gun registry
>>> Institute a national ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ law
>>> Ban virtually every semi-automatic rifle in the country
>>> Make it a felony to buy a ‘high capacity’ magazine
>>> Tax guns at 30% and ammo at 50%
>>> Put you in jail for buying more than 1 gun a month
>>> Force you to lock up your firearms at all times
>>> Criminalize the sale of firearms to Americans under 21
>>> Ban the sale of suppressors
>>> Make it a crime to build a firearm in your own home

And that’s just the start, as this gun control monstrosity is a whopping 111 pages long!

As angry as this bill makes me, it absolutely makes my blood boil that we have to deal with this while Americans are completely distracted with the Coronavirus.

Gun owners need to FLOOD Washington, D.C. with emails immediately. They need to know that we are watching this, and will hold politicians accountable if they support this bill!

I’ve prepared a PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL campaign that will be sent directly to Senators Roy Blunt and Josh Hawley, as well as your Congressman.

Please fire off your emails RIGHT NOW!

These America-hating socialists are getting bolder by the day, showing us their plans for our Second Amendment rights if they ever get total control of the House, Senate, and White House again.

Make no mistake, these bills are designed to ELIMINATE firearms ownership and Second Amendment rights in America, by choking off the people who can possess guns and ammo — all of which would be decided by the federal government.

Please send off your emails today, and if you’ve yet to do so for 2020, become a member or renew your membership in the Missouri Firearms Coalition TODAY!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. While Americans are distracted with the Coronavirus, radical socialists in D.C. are hard at work, trying to obliterate your freedoms with H.R. 5717/S. 3254!