KC Church Shooting Happened in “Gun Free Zone!”

When Kansas City resident, Montell Bruce, went to church last Sunday, he likely had no idea that he was about to be the victim of a shooting in a state-mandated “Gun Free Zone.”

Bruce, a greeter at the House of Refuge Family Worship Church, was at his post when an armed suspect entered the building and fired multiple shots.

Fearing for the safety of the church members, Bruce rushed the suspect in an attempt to disarm him — and was shot in the head in the process.

Thankfully for Bruce, his was a minor wound and he is expected to make a full recovery. The suspect in this case fled the scene, and is still being sought after by the authorities.

But this incident continues to highlight the problem that we have here in Missouri with so–called “Gun Free Zones.”

As you know, our bill to repeal these deadly areas passed three House committees this session in Jefferson City, before being sidelined by House leadership.

And that’s why I hope you will take a moment to sign the petition that I have prepared for you below, insisting that the legislature pass this bill next year before tragedy strikes!

You see, as was the case in Kansas City last weekend, mass shooters almost always target so-called “Gun Free Zones” for their lethal attacks.

Why wouldn’t they?

They know that the chances of meeting armed resistance is virtually nonexistent in these areas.

Here in Missouri, the list of places where these violent criminals know they will meet no armed opposition include: churches, sporting arenas, day care centers, colleges, hospitals, public transportation systems, and many more!

In all, there are almost two dozen places where law-abiding citizens like you and I are forced to disarm here in Missouri!

So please, take a moment to sign the petition I have prepared for you below, calling on the legislature to end these so-called “Gun Free Zones

You see, despite the passage of Constitutional Carry last year, there are still dozens of areas where you and I cannot carry — whether you carry with or without a permit!

House Bill 630 would change all of that, by removing every single state-mandated “Gun Free Zone” from the books here in Missouri.

To be clear, a private business would still have the right to regulate the use and carry of firearms on their own property — but you and I would have the right to take our business elsewhere in situations like that.

Your signed petition sends a loud message to the legislators in Jefferson City, reminding them that with elections happening next year, you expect them to do more than just talk about being pro-gun.

Thanks to your help this past session, our bill successfully passed the House Second Amendment Sub–Committee, the House Committee on General Laws, as well as the House Rules Committee

When the legislature reconvenes, the Missouri Firearms Coalition hopes to have 100,000 signed petitions to bring to the legislature in Jefferson City, demanding immediate action on this bill!

Having used all of your signed petitions this session, I hope you will take a moment to sign your petition again –– even if you have signed this before

And when you’re done, I sincerely hope you will consider a contribution to the Missouri Firearms Coalition as we continue to fight for the Second Amendment.

Unlike the gun-control organizations that prowl the halls in Jefferson City, we are not funded by an out-of-state billionaire.

Rather, it is everyday gun owners right here in Missouri who give us the tools and resources we need to fight for the Second Amendment.

And while we are one of the most efficient organizations in the state, we do need your support to maintain this fight.

Next year is an election year, meaning a very busy legislative session in which we are likely to see gun bills on the move — followed up by a very important midterm election cycle.

We simply must have the resources that we need to be effective.

So whether you can give $500 or $1000 as some generous members have already done, or whether $10 or $25 is all you can afford at this time — please do what you can at once!

Either way, I hope you’ll sign your petition as that is most important.

And, if you haven’t already done so, make plans today to attend our Political Leadership School taking place in Springfield on Saturday, June 10!

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For Freedom,

Dr. Curt Frazier
Chairman of the Board

P.S. The shooting that happened this past Sunday in a Kansas City church is just the latest act of violence to occur in a so–called “Gun Free Zone!”

Thankfully the victim in this case is expected to survive. But all too often mass murderers target areas just like this because they know that you and I are disarmed and helpless due to state mandated “Gun Free Zones.”

Please take a moment to sign the petition we have prepared for you, calling on the legislature to finish the job next year and eliminate these deadly “Gun Free Zones

And when you’re done, please consider a contribution to enable the Missouri Firearms Coalition to continue the hard work of mobilizing gun owners so that we can see this bill through in 2018!

Lastly, please make plans to attend our daylong Political Leadership School in Springfield next month!

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