Jered Taylor Wins Reelection!

Michael Bloomberg and his allies in the Missouri House hate Representative Jered Taylor, for his unrelenting support of the Second Amendment.

As our lead bill sponsor for the last two years, gun grabbers wanted to make sure that Taylor never came back to the House again.

Well gun-grabbers had better get used to disappointment, as Representative Taylor won reelection to the House in district 139 by a decisive margin Tuesday night!

The Missouri Firearms Coalition had made it a priority to inform voters in this district about Taylor’s years of fighting for the Second Amendment — as well as Cora Hanf’s support for radical gun control!

We hammered this district with mail, email, and social media informing voters about these candidates and their records.

Clearly, gun owners in Springfield do not share Hanf’s support for radical gun control.

Thank you for giving MOFC the resources we need to fight for you, and to expose radical anti-gun candidates!

Taylor’s reelection is great news for gun owners who are eager to finally rid Missouri of the dozens of deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ that blanket our state.

Additionally, former Representative Eric Burlison won his election bid in Senate District 20, meaning that you and I are going to have fierce pro-gun leaders in the House and Senate next year!

So on the one hand, gun owners have just picked up a major dose of momentum.

On the other hand, there are lawmakers in both parties who want to ram ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ into law, and more than a few are openly talking about raising the age limit on buying firearms.

Of course, both of these proposals are being patterned off the laws passed in Florida earlier this year, another ‘red’ state.

So take a moment to savor this victory.

But the 2019 session is right around the corner, and while we hope to make gains this session, we may be in a major fight just to hold the line!

Get ready!


For Freedom,

Dr. Curt Frazier





Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. Gun rights champion Jered Taylor, who has been leading the gun rights movement in the House of Representatives, won reelection Tuesday night!

Thank you to the members of MOFC who helped us expose Cora Hanf’s radical gun control agenda in House District 139 using mail, email, social media and more!

The fight for gun rights in Jeff City is going to get white hot next session, please join the Missouri Firearms Coalition right away!