It’€™s Official!

As the ball dropped this weekend marking the end of 2016, it also marked the end of Missouri citizens being forced to obtain government permission to carry a defensive firearm!

That’s right — Constitutional Carry is the law here in Missouri effective yesterday!


To be clear, this means that you and I can obtain a permit to carry a firearm if we want to, but that we’re no longer forced to.

It’s up to you.

Of course if you’ve watched virtually any TV news here over the past two weeks, you already know it’s been a non-stop propaganda war being waged by bitter media outlets who are still mad that we passed this legislation last year.

To hear the media say it, we’re about to be flooded with cases of vigilante justice and shootouts in the streets.

I don’t know about you, but I just chuckle when I read silly stories like this.

Of course we know it’s not true.

They said that just a few years back when we passed “Shall Issue” legislation here in Missouri — only to be proven wrong.

The liberal media made the same predictions when Kansas passed this legislation in 2015 too — only to be proven wrong.

(Constitutional Carry became the law here in Missouri yesterday, thanks to your hard work!)

They said the same thing in Mississippi, Idaho, West Virginia, Arizona, Wyoming, Arkansas, Maine, Alaska, and Vermont when they passed Constitutional Carry!

All of these states were supposed to devolve into a hail of gun fire once law abiding gun owners were no longer required to add their name to a government database just to be able to carry.

Then nothing happened.

I’m sure the same thing will happen here — nothing.

After all, law abiding gun owners aren’t the ones shooting up St. Louis and knocking off every gas station in sight in Kansas City.

And they aren’t going to start now that carry permits are optional. To imply otherwise is downright insulting to the hundreds of thousands of gun owners here in Missouri.

None of this would have happened without the massive amount of grassroots pressure that the members of the Missouri Firearms Coalition brought to bear in 2016.

So again, thank you!

But our work isn’t done, not at all, as now we have a growing problem with so called “Gun Free Zones,” — areas off limits to gun owners even after Constitutional Carry law.

As we kick off the 2017 legislative session in just two days, I hope that you’ll continue to stand alongside of us as we fight to repeal these deadly areas in our state code.

Clearly they do nothing to stop violent crime, as thugs and terrorists almost always target these very areas — schools, hospitals, churches and more — to carry out their deadly attacks.

The fight to get rid of these dangerous zones in Missouri begins in two days!

For today, however, you should be proud of the work that tens of thousands of Missouri gun owners accomplished with the passage of this legislation!

Well done!

And as we prepare for the session that begins in just two days, make sure you’ve renewed your membership in the Missouri Firearms Coalition!

For Freedom,

Dr. Curt Frazier
Chairman of the Board

P.S. Constitutional Carry is the law of the land here in Missouri, beginning Sunday morning at midnight!

Bloomberg opposed us, the media opposed us, anti-gun legislators in Jeff City opposed us, Gov. Nixon opposed us — but none of that could compare to the grassroots pressure from MOFC members!

Now with the 2017 legislative session just days away, a new fight begins on repealing Missouri’s deadly “Gun Free Zones!”

Make sure you’re in the fight by renewing your membership in the Missouri Firearms Coalition today!