It Starts in Just a Few Hours!

To say that things in Jeff City are a hot mess right now is an understatement.

With the Governor indicted and arrested last week, lawmakers seem to be in a daze as they try to figure out what to do with the rest of the legislative session.

Last week, hundreds of Bloomberg-backed activists prowled the halls of the Capitol all in an effort to shut our bill down.

Some lawmakers are already talking about going into full retreat mode when it comes to the Second Amendment, which is part of why this hearing was delayed for a full week.

That’s why it’s up to you and me to put some steel in the spine of the members of the House General Laws Committee, who will be considering H.B. 1936 in just a few hours!

If you’ve already sent in your email to the committee, I thank you.

But if you haven’t, please take a moment to fire off your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL right now

H.B. 1936 would undo the dozens of ‘Gun Free Zones’ that we have on the books here in Missouri!

After all, virtually every time a mass shooting takes place, it happens in a so called ‘Gun Free Zone’ where law abiding citizens are disarmed and helpless.

You know it.

I know it.

And the lawmakers in Jeff City know it.

The question is, will they take action and do away with these deadly areas or will they run and hide under the pressure of Michael Bloomberg?

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of seeing legislators from Missouri to D.C. chickening out and, by extension, blaming you and me for the Florida shooting!

If the Florida shooting revealed anything, it was that gun control (and the government in general) is an utter failure when it comes to stopping crime. Consider:

1. The federal background check did nothing to stop this madman.

2. The federal ‘Gun Free Zone’ policy didn’t stop him either.

3. The FBI, who was tipped off to him numerous times, never even bothered to talk to him.

4. And as shots were ringing out in that school, 4 armed officers sat outside and did absolutely nothing.

And still, legislators expect you and I to believe that more gun control is the answer!

The truth is, doing away with deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ is the best way to give innocent people a chance to fight back!

H.B. 1936 does exactly that, and that’s why it’s urgent you contact the members of the committee RIGHT NOW!

And then I hope you’ll join the Missouri Firearms Coalition!

No one else is on the ground in Jeff City fighting for your Second Amendment freedoms.

We are never going to back down.

We are never going to agree to gun control, even if it’s ‘just a little bit.’

And we’re never going to protect politicians at the expense of your gun rights!

If this sounds like your kind of organization, please join up right away!

A basic membership costs just $35, a little over .09 per day.

Of course, if you join at the Silver Level you’ll receive decals, a shirt, and some of our ‘No Guns, No Money’ cards.

The level you join up at is up to you, but I hope you’ll get involved at some level right away!

Already there is legislation introduced to repeal Stand-Your-Ground law and Constitutional Carry.

But others are already talking about giving up 30-round mags, raising the age limit on when you can buy a rifle, mental health evaluations, and much more.

If you and I don’t stand up and fight back and tell our lawmakers that we won’t accept any gun control of any kind, then it’s only a matter of time before we lose pieces of the Second Amendment.

Act now!

For Freedom,

Dr. Curt Frazier


Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. The hearing on House Bill 1936, our bill to repeal deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ here in Missouri, takes place in just hours.

MOFC’s Political Director, Alexandra Salsman, will be on hand testifying in support of this bill for MOFC members.

Please take a moment to contact the members of the General Laws Committee right away, using our PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL!

And when you’re done, please join MOFC as a member.

Simply put, our rights are under attack and we need to stand together and tell our lawmakers that we don’t accept any gun control of any kind!