I’m in Hannibal, and I need your help

I’m in Hannibal right now with a team of MOFC members going door to door to let gun voters know that their State Senator, Cindy “Potty Mouth” O’Laughlin, is stabbing gun owners like you and me in the back.

I’m on my phone and my thumbs are slow, so here’s a link to the video I just recorded from her district detailing what is going on.

Click here to watch: https://fb.watch/rOdMu57WSs/

After watching that, I hope you’ll see that it isn’t just gun owners in Senate District 18 who need to be making phone calls.

“IP Reform” affects every gun owner in the state of Missouri because it STOPS Michael Bloomberg and out-of-state globalists from bypassing our state legislature and ramming gun control into our state constitution. 

The fact is, gun owners can’t afford to let Bloomberg and Soros fund huge ad campaigns in St Louis and Kansas City and hack our state’s constitution to pieces.

Call or text Cindy right now at: 660-651-4151.

Tell her to put IP reform on the Senate floor NOW!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

PS. Help us force multiply. Send this email to everyone you know and tell them to take action!