ICYMI: Biden’s DOJ is Attacking SAPA in Court Next Week!

In case you missed our previous alert, I wanted to make certain you knew that the Department of InJustice will be in Jefferson City on Monday, on order from China Joe Biden, trying to convince the Missouri Supreme Court to overturn SAPA law.

For Biden’s handlers, SAPA is their worst dreams come true: a state law that asserts the 10th Amendment and tells a tyrannical federal government that we will not help them enforce unconstitutional gun control laws!  

Sure, the radical left hates the fact that Missouri has SAPA law. But their real fear is that SAPA may continue to spread across the country, which it’s already doing!

Everything is on the line. If the courts overturn SAPA our freedoms are in danger and the national momentum for this legislation will evaporate. But if we prevail, ‘red states’ across the country will continue to advance it.

That’s why I hope you’ll donate — as generously as you can — to help the Missouri Firearms Coalition’s legal team defend SAPA in court next week!


So many Missourians have given so much to help MOFC pass SAPA last year and get the Governor to sign it into law. But we can’t let up now! Please be generous!

— Aaron

This is urgent! Please read this email and make an immediate donation to help the Missouri Firearms Coalition defend our fantastic Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA!)

As we’ve told you since the day SAPA became law here in Missouri, there is nothing that Joe Biden’s handlers fear more than the impact of the Second Amendment Preservation Act because they know if it spreads, their gun control agenda is toast.

That’s why the Department of InJustice tried (and failed) to overturn SAPA at the Circuit Court level last year. And that’s why they are coming back, this time, before the Missouri State Supreme Court!

The Supreme Court will be hearing the DOJ’s challenge to SAPA on Monday in Jefferson City. The Missouri Firearms Coalition’s legal team has been working for weeks on our legal defense of SAPA, but we need your help to complete this!


Fighting for SAPA got a whole lot more important over the last few days, now that the ATF has released their revised schedule on banning pistol braces and regulating 80% lower receivers!

Joe Biden is a power-hungry tyrant, but he doesn’t have the votes to pass gun control in Congress. That’s why he’s turned to Executive Orders and the ATF; he wants to do an end-run around Congress and advance gun control via executive fiat.

In the updated Federal Registry, published over the weekend, the ATF announced their implementation of Biden’s Executive Orders will take effect in June for 80% lowers and in August for pistol braces! This could make criminals out of millions of gun owners!

Of course, they are expecting state and local cops to enforce this tyranny. But Missouri cops can’t be forced to do that, because we have the Second Amendment Preservation Act — if we can defend it in court!


I can’t stress how important your donations are, right now!

If the Supreme Court overturns Missouri’s SAPA law, then Missouri cops will be ordered to help enforce these Executive Actions that Joe Biden is having the ATF implement.

And as we’ve said before, this fight to overturn/save SAPA here in Missouri is about a lot more than just Missourians and our right to keep and bear arms.

The outcome of Missouri’s SAPA law has national ramifications because if SAPA law survives this court challenge — it will continue to spread like wildfire across the country!

Already, lawmakers in other states like Iowa, Wyoming, Minnesota, Ohio, Georgia, Pennsylvania and many others are working to pass identical copies of our SAPA legislation in their states.

But if the court strikes our SAPA law down, it will give the left and weak-kneed moderates on the right all the political ammo they need to let SAPA die in their states.

That’s why the Missouri Firearms Coalition has gone ‘all in’ as we work to defend our SAPA law. We’ve already incurred tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, and we need your immediate help to maintain this fight! Will you stand with us now?


All of the gun rights that you and I have secured here in Missouri over the years — from Constitutional Carry to Stand-Your-Ground to enhanced Castle Doctrine law and more — will count for nothing if Missouri cops enforce federal gun control law!

This is a fight that we must engage in, and it’s a fight that we must win. For our children, for our country, and for the Second Amendment!

Please make an emergency donation — the largest one you can afford today — to help MOFC fight to defend SAPA in court!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. The Department of Justice is dragging Missouri’s SAPA law before the State Supreme Court on Monday, desperately trying to repeal Missouri’s SAPA law and block the national momentum behind this incredible legislation!

MOFC’s lawyers have been working around the clock on our legal defense of SAPA, as we gear up to defend SAPA law in court with Joe Biden’s Department of InJustice.

But we need your help to cover our mounting legal fees. Please make an emergency donation so the Missouri Firearms Coalition can fight for SAPA before the Supreme Court!


Missouri’s SAPA law is a roadmap to freedom that ‘red states’ all over the country are ALREADY following. The outcome of this case has very clear national ramifications. Donate NOW!