House Holds Hearing on SAPA Legislation!

Late this week, the House General Laws Committee held their hearing on our Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB 1637,) and now it’s up to the committee to decide whether or not to advance this bill.

Known as SAPA, this legislation would nullify federal gun control laws by stating that any federal gun control law that is in violation of the 2 nd Amendment or the Missouri Constitution is null and void here in our state.

In addition, the bill would require that Missouri peace officers only enforce gun laws that are passed by the Missouri legislature.

And finally, should a hostile mayor or police department- head violate SAPA law and enforce a future federal gun grab, Missourians would be able to take those people to civil court to sue for damages!

I’m sure you can see why passing this legislation is of the utmost importance to Missourians, so that we can keep the gun rights that we currently have and ensure that federal attacks on our freedoms carry no weight here.

Thanks to over 30,000 emails that the members of the Missouri Firearms Coalition have already sent in support of this legislation, a staggering 83 members of the House have added their name as a co-sponsor to this bill which is being carried by Rep. Jered Taylor!

That means that we have the votes to pass this bill out of the House right now, if the committee advances the bill and if House leaders put it on the floor for a vote.

But opposition to this bill is rising very quickly in Jefferson City, especially after the hearing that was held on the bill last week.

And that’s why it is essential that you email the members of the House General Laws Committee today and urge them to advance this bill out of the committee when they meet next week!

Bloomberg’s forces are fighting against this bill.

The media is fighting against this bill.

Radical socialists in the House Democratic caucus are fighting against this bill.

(Some of the Bloomberg funded mob who are opposing SAPA legislation in the Missouri legislature, during their recent lobby day.)

And insiders are reporting that a growing number of law enforcement entities may come out against this bill during the lobby day next week!

That’s why I need you to take immediate action, using our online advocacy center, right away.

As you’ll see, you can use our system to send a pre-written email, make a phone call using our system which makes the call for you and even gives you a script to use, send a pre-written tweet, and more!

Please take action immediately.

It’s obvious now that the next time a Democratic President occupies the White House, we will face the most aggressive attack on our gun rights in the history of our country!

Sure, we all hope that won’t happen this fall.

But it will happen, soon, and we need to be ready for it.

We have a self-identified ‘pro-gun’ legislature in Jeff City, it’s time for them to prove it! Please take action today!

And please make a generous donation to help us continue to fight for this bill and against the radical socialists in Jeff City who want to disarm us!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. SAPA legislation is on the move in the Missouri House, with the House General Laws Committee having their hearing on the bill late this week.

Now it’s up to them to decide whether they are going to fight for gun owners and advance this bill, or kill it, bowing to the pressure that is mounting in Jeff City!

Please use our Grassroots Action Center to send your pre- written email to the General Laws Committee right away, urging them to advance this legislation!

With this system you can send a pre-written email and tweet, send a video message from your phone, and our system will even call your legislators and let you speak with them with just one click of your mouse — so please take action!

Help us maintain the fight for your gun rights in Jeff City; make a generous donation here!