Help Us Repeal Deadly “Gun Free Zones” in Missouri!

Earlier this week, the Wyoming House Judiciary Committee advanced two bills through their committee, each designed to end “Gun Free Zones” in their state.

State Representatives, State Senators, activists from Wyoming Gun Owners, and others all testified about the danger these areas pose to law abiding citizens.

They know what you and I know, that repealing “Gun Free Zones” is the next step in their fight.

Like Missouri, Wyoming is a Constitutional Carry state.

Like Missouri, Wyoming has Stand-Your-Ground law.

That’s why pro-gun organizations and pro-gun legislators are taking the next step in the gun rights movement — working to repeal deadly “Gun Free Zones!”

After all, it doesn’t matter if you are carrying with or without a permit if you’re attacked in a “Gun Free Zone” with your gun safely stored in your vehicle because of a silly state law!

And the truth is, that’s exactly what happens, as law abiding gun owners are the only ones who would ever obey such a law.

We’ve seen this play out time and time again.

Mass shooters almost always target places like churches, schools, mass transit systems, government buildings — because they know that in these areas they’ll face no opposition!

It’s time to change that here in Missouri!

That’s why we’ve worked with Rep. Jered Taylor to introduce HB630 which would end the deadly “Gun Free Zones” that are all through the code in Missouri.

Now we need your help getting cosponsors to add their support to this legislation!

Jeff City runs on momentum, as you and I saw last year with the passage of Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground law.

Your grassroots pressure made that happen!

And I am counting on your efforts again this year, to help us add cosponsors to the bill.

Understand that we have forces in Jeff City actively working against this bill behind the scenes.

In fact, some legislators like Rep. Kathy Swan and Rep. Donna Lichtenegger are openly talking about ramming through legislation to gut the bill we passed last year!

So please, take a moment right away to contact your legislators and insist that they support this legislation.

You can get ahold of them by:

1.   Calling them using their office number or by calling the House Switchboard at 573-751-3659.

2.   Emailing them; you can find your legislators’ email address by clicking on the link here. (Hotlink)

3.   Sending them a message on Facebook. Almost all of them use it, and it’s a great way to get in touch with them fast!

And if you’re not sure who your legislator is, please go here.

It’s time to make the legislature understand that we are serious about this bill passing this year!

With pro-gun legislators having a super-majority in both chambers, there’s no reason why this can’t happen right away.

After passage of Constitutional Carry, this is a necessary step as it doesn’t matter whether you carry with or without a permit — if you’re attacked in a “Gun Free Zone,” you’re still a sitting duck under current law.

Now is the time to act!

Please contact your legislator TODAY!

For Freedom,

Dr. Curt Frazier
Chairman of the Board

P.S. Last week, gun rights activists and pro-gun legislators in Wyoming advanced a bill to remove the deadly “Gun Free Zones” that exist in Wyoming!

Like Missouri, they are a Constitutional Carry state and they’ve realized that it’s does matter if you carry with or without a permit — if you can’t carry in an arbitrary “Gun Free Zone,” you’re a sitting duck!

Our bill in the Missouri House would do the same thing — remove the arbitrary areas where you and I are left defenseless.

Please take a moment to contact your representative using the information given above, and insist that he/she cosponsor HB630 with Rep. Jered Taylor!

Please also consider joining or renewing your support in the Missouri Firearms Coalition to help us mobilize more gun owners, by clicking the button below!