Help Us Override the Governor’s Veto Now!

“As Governor of Missouri, I support the agenda of Michael Bloomberg, and I stand with him, a resident of New York, and am doing his bidding by vetoing Constitutional Carry legislation today. It doesn’t matter to me that this bill passed with a massive super-majority or that it passed with bi-partisan support. I’m opposed to gun owners having easier access to the means of self-defense – even in this era of violent crime and ISIS wannabees attacking Americans.”

No, that’s not the actual press release from Governor Nixon when he vetoed Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground legislation (SB 656) last week – but it might as well have been.

As you know, just over a week ago, Governor Nixon vetoed the most comprehensive advancement of the 2nd Amendment that Missouri has seen in generations, as a favor to out-of-state billionaire Michael Bloomberg who wants to crush our way of life here in Missouri!

While it wasn’t a surprise to see him veto this – it was disappointing after the legislation passed the House and Senate with the help of tens of thousands of Missourians.

But the Governor doesn’t get the last word on Constitutional Carry here in Missouri – the people do!

As a reminder, Constitutional Carry simply means that if you want to carry with a permit you may do so according to current law, but if you don’t want a permit to carry you would not be required to obtain one.

If you don’t want to pay a fee to the government to exercise a constitutionally guaranteed right and have your name added to a government database – you won’t have to do it once Constitutional Carry becomes law.

That’s the way it’s done in states like Alaska, Vermont, Kansas, Maine, Wyoming, Arizona, Arkansas, West Virginia, Idaho, and Mississippi. Now it’s time to add Missouri to that list!

And with the 1-day Veto Override session taking place this September, it’s important that we begin to muster support for this right away!

That’s why I hope you’ll sign the petition I’ve prepared for you, calling on the legislature to override Governor Nixon’s veto of your gun rights! More on that below.

Leadership in Jefferson City certainly seems eager to override this – especially just 6 weeks before Election Day.

But a lot can happen between now and then, especially as Michael Bloomberg and his front groups will undoubtedly spread more lies and disinformation across our state’s airwaves in advance of this vote.

Your signed petition tells your legislator that you, a voter in the state of Missouri, are sick and tired of seeing Governor Nixon clamp down on your gun rights and that you’re sick of an out-of-state billionaire getting to call the shots in Jefferson City

It also reminds your legislator that you expect them to take decisive action, by overriding this decision when they reconvene in September.

So please, click below to sign your petition right away!

You see, we’ve come so far in our fight to enact Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground legislation!

Pundits and “capitol insiders” scoffed at our efforts when we began just 6 months ago.

But that was before we passed this legislation through multiple House committees, then the full House multiple times, and finally the full Senate!

But all of this progress was only made possible by you.

You see, you’re our secret!

Your calls, your emails, and Facebook messages — your pressure on your legislator — is what propelled SB 656 to passage during the 2016 legislative session.

That’s why I need you to stand with us again, by signing your petition now!

And when you’re done, please consider helping us with a donation!

It takes money to crank up our mobilization machine using sponsored social media, statewide email deploys, direct mail, and more.

And while we don’t need to match Bloomberg dollar-for-dollar, we do need to have enough money to effectively mobilize Missourians to this fight!

So whether you can donate $5 or $500 – please do so right away!

You’ve been able to see, in real time, the effect of your donations as it was through them that we mobilized Missourians to help us pass SB 656.

Please consider helping us past the home stretch, with your generous donation today!

Thank you for all you do in defense of the 2nd Amendment here in Missouri!

For Freedom,

Dr. Curt Frazier
Chairman of the Board

P.S. Governor Nixon made it clear that he is doing the bidding of NYC billionaire Michael Bloomberg, and not you and me, when he vetoed SB 656 last week.

This bill would bring much needed Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground legislation here to Missouri!

The good news is that the Governor doesn’t have the final say — you and I do — by way of the 1-day override session that will take place later this year, during which the legislature can overturn any of Nixon’s vetoes!

Please stand with us again — sign your petition to the legislature calling on them to override Nixon’s veto now!

When you’re done, please help out with a generous donation. We need to crank up our mobilization efforts as we approach this override using social media, mail, email and more.

Whatever you can do to help would be greatly appreciated!