Help Me Fight for Your Gun Rights in Jeff City Next Session!

I sure hope that you haven’t given up on defending our Second Amendment freedoms here in Missouri…

I’m asking because Dr. Curt Frazier, Chairman of the Missouri Firearms Coalition and a good friend of mine, told me that he hasn’t received your membership renewal for 2020 yet.

If you’ve already renewed your support online or in the mail and Dr. Frazier’s records just haven’t caught up yet, I apologize for this unnecessary reminder.

But if you haven’t renewed your support yet, would you do me a personal favor and fill out your Missouri Firearms Coalition Online 2020 Membership Renewal form RIGHT AWAY?

With the 2020 elections already on the horizon, the upcoming legislative session in Jefferson City will be critical to our ongoing fight to defend our right to keep and bear arms.

There’s no denying that, in the wake of the tragic El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH shootings that killed 30 people, gun control activists in Jeff City believe they have the wind at their back.

The fact that Missouri hasn’t passed a single gun bill since 2016 — when I led the successful push for Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground law — has convinced these Bloomberg-funded radicals that Missouri is ‘in play.’

And while there are dozens of gun control bills that the gun control lobby and the FAKE NEWS media would love to pass, the most dangerous threat we are facing is ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation!

I’m sure you’ve heard about ‘Red Flags’ before, from Dr. Frazier and the team at the Missouri Firearms Coalition.

But in case you’ve assumed that a gun control bill like that ‘could never pass here in Missouri,’ let me share some bad news with you: ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ could easily become law in Missouri if lawmakers thought they could get away with it.

Just look at what’s been happening in other ‘red states.’

Republican Governors in Florida and Illinois signed this legislation into law last year. In Pennsylvania, the bill is being pushed in the House and Senate by Republicans right now!

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, a Republican, is making a major push for the bill and has been all fall, while Asa Hutchinson, the Republican Governor of Arkansas has been urging lawmakers to pass this bill for over a year!

So yes, it could certainly happen here if gun owners let down their guard.

If passed, government agents would be able to bust into your home and seize your guns before you’ve been arrested — much less convicted — of anything!

All it takes is someone to file a bogus complaint against you. Maybe it’s your liberal neighbor who doesn’t like the pro-gun bumper sticker on your vehicle. Or maybe it’s an anti-gun college professor who simply hates gun owners.

Or maybe it’s a soon to be ex, looking to ruin you.

Every gun owner in the state knows someone who has gone through a bad divorce; maybe you’ve gone through that misery yourself.

Can you imagine what an embittered ex-spouse could do to you if Missouri were to enact this legislation?

Once your guns are seized, you’ll be spending years and thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees to try and get them back — if you ever get them back at all.

But don’t think that ‘Red Flag’ laws are only about seizing firearms from gun owners like you and me, there is so much more going on.

You see, one of this great country’s founding principles was the idea that we are ‘innocent until proven guilty’ in a court of law, something that drew many colonists to America in the first place.

‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ destroys that concept, by allowing a rogue judge to declare you guilty based on the ‘evidence’ brought by personal enemies and before you’ve been charged with any crime — forcing you to prove your innocence later!

Stand up and fight back against this dangerous legislation, by renewing your membership in the Missouri Firearms Coalition for 2020 today!

(For an enhanced membership of at least $75, that comes with a FREE MOFC T-Shirt and more, go here.)

But while I, along with my friends in the Missouri Firearms Coalition will be very focused on derailing any effort to pass a ‘Red Flags’ law, there’s a lot more on tap for 2020.

In fact, I’m pleased to announce that next session I will be the lead sponsor in the State Senate for the Second Amendment Preservation Act!

Known as S.A.P.A., for short, the Second Amendment Preservation Act would completely nullify any future federal gun control laws that come out of D.C., by requiring Missouri peace officers to only enforce Missouri laws!

And, should any politically motived mayors or department heads  — like St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson — order police officers to ignore S.A.P.A. and attempt to confiscate your firearms, the bill would allow you to take those officials to civil court for damages.

At the same time, this legislation would also protect the careers of Constitutionally-minded peace officers who ignore illegal commands from department heads who order them to violate Missouri law and enforce federal gun control!

And with DOZENS of Presidential contenders promising to attack our gun rights if they ever get into the White House, it’s never been more important to pass S.A.P.A.

With your help, I want 2019 to be the year we finally pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act here in Missouri.

Help us fight for this legislation, by renewing your membership with the Missouri Firearms Coalition today

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You and the other grassroots patriots who make up the Missouri Firearms Coalition members will be the key, just like you always have been!

The good news is, no matter how much heat my colleagues get from the FAKE NEWS, out of control socialists like Rep. Peter Meredith, and Bloomberg-backed radicals, nothing can match the power of tens of thousands of mobilized gun owners!

You proved that when you stood beside me and helped me pass Constitutional Carry law, and again when you helped me pass Stand-Your-Ground law!

But now we need to do it again.

I know Dr. Frazier has told you this before.

But I want you to hear it from me, too.

You’re a vital part of the Missouri Firearms Coalition’s success at passing pro-gun bills, and defeating gun control over the last few years!

And I can’t bear to see you walk away now — not with everything gun owners like you and me are facing in 2020.

Our children and grandchildren are counting on you and me to safeguard their liberties, so that they can inherit the same freedoms that our forefathers passed down to us.

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Senator Eric Burlison
Republican – District 20

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