Has Your Legislator Co-Sponsored HB630 Yet!

Things are starting to move fast in Jeff City, and I need your help!

Last week Rep. Jered Taylor filed HB 630, which would eliminate the “Gun Free Zones” that dot Missouri!

As we all know, these so called “Gun Free Zones” are the favorite target of twisted monsters who are looking for a body count.

We see it all too often.

  • A church in South Carolina, in 2015, where 9 died.
  • A community college in Oregon, in 2015, where 10 died.
  • A nightclub in Florida, in 2016, where 48 died.

I could go on and on.

Clearly, these areas are targeted — time and again — by madmen with a desire to inflict as much damage as possible on innocent people.

Why wouldn’t they — these places are “soft targets” where they know they’ll meet virtually no resistance!

I don’t know about you, but if some ISIS wannabe or nut-job killer walks into my church, I’d rather he be met with a dozen armed Missourians rather than a silly “No Guns Allowed” sign!

That’s what Rep. Taylor’s bill would do — give innocent Missourians a chance to fight back. To be able to do more than cower in fear, hoping that the police can get there in time.

The bill has been introduced, and we’re getting cosponsors.

Has your representative co-sponsored this bill yet?

I need you to call him right away and insist that he get behind this bill! I’ll give some contact info below.

You see, already the media is attacking this bill saying that it’s “too extreme.”

I don’t know about you, but I think its pretty ‘extreme’ when I see hundreds of innocent and helpless people being gunned down by terrorists and criminals, with no chance to fight back!

I think its extreme when members of the media dare to lecture you and me on “Gun Free Zones,” when studies show that 93% of mass shootings take place in areas that are declared off limits to gun owners!

The good news, is that you and I have heard the media bark and bluster before — just last year — as we passed a major advancement in gun rights here in Missouri.

We know their bark is all that, just noise.

What really matters in Jefferson City, what really gets their attention in the Capitol, is phone calls and emails from their district!

That’s why I need you to pick up the phone and call your Representative right now — and insist he cosponsor HB630 right away!

If you’re not sure who your legislator is, you may click here to find out.

>>>  You can also call the House switchboard and they’ll connect you automatically based on your address. The number to call is (573)751-3659.

>>>  You can also email your legislator, and a list of their emails can be seen here.

>>>  Of course, most of them are on Facebook and can receive messages that way. So feel free to send them a message that way, too.

Better yet, do all of the above!

Your grassroots pressure generated almost 3 dozen cosigners to Constitutional Carry last year — we need to crank up the heat again!

So please help us do that!

Once you have, please immediately send this message to your friends and family and urge them to do the same thing.

Finally, please help us get the word out on this legislation with a generous contribution of $100

Simply put, we need to be able to mobilize people by mail, email, Facebook — and we need to do it fast!

If $100 is just not possible, please consider $50, $25 or even just $10.

Please act fast, things are moving quickly here in Jeff City and we need to maintain the pressure.

For Freedom,

Dr. Curt Frazier
Chairman of the Board

P.S. Last week, HB630 was filed by Rep. Jered Taylor, which would end the state based “Gun Free Zones” that leave you and me helpless in dozens of areas here in Missouri!

We need you to contact your Representative right away and insist that he cosponsor this legislation! Please contact him using the information provided above.

Already the media is doing what they do best, misleading people about the bill in an attempt to stave off more support for the bill.

So make sure that your legislator is hearing from you — his voters — and not just the liberal media.

When you’re done, please forward this alert to your pro-gun friends and family and please consider a donation to help us mobilize as many gun owners as possible!