Has Your Lawmaker Cosponsored SAPA Legislation?

With the hearing over the Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) being delayed last Thursday due to inclement weather, we have more time to urge lawmakers to support this bill.

And trust me, we need to do that, fast!

As you likely know, SAPA legislation is a fantastic bill that would require Missouri peace officers to only enforce Missouri’s laws where our gun rights are concerned.

We need this law, and we need it right now.

That’s because thanks to the members of the Missouri Firearms Coalition, Missouri has made great strides in advancing our gun rights over the last few years — having passed both Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground law.

Liberal elites hate us for it, fake news sources on the East and Left coast love to mock us for it, and a future anti-gun President would love to destroy these freedoms with a federal gun control bill!

SAPA law here in Missouri would stop that from happening.

But believe me, there are a large number of legislative moderates in the Republican caucus who want nothing to do with this bill, and they need to hear from you now!

So please take a moment to send your pre-written email to your lawmakers, insisting that they cosponsor the Second Amendment Preservation Act, being sponsored by Senator Burlison and Representative Taylor.

As you know, the gun-grabbers that we are facing in Jeff City and across the country today are not the same gun- grabbers that we dealt with 10 years ago.

These people hate gun owners like you and me.

And if they get their way, you and I would be completely disarmed and helpless, serfs, unable to defend ourselves against criminals and tyrants alike!

And while SAPA legislation isn’t a magic wand that would allow us to sit back and relax here in Missouri, it would serve as a strong deterrent to any government entity that considers enforcing future federal gun control laws in our state!

But this won’t happen if moderate lawmakers in Jeff City block this bill.

So please take a moment to email your lawmakers using our automated system, and insist that they cosponsor this vital legislation

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For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. With the weather delaying the hearing over the Second Amendment Preservation Act, you and I have one last chance to email our lawmakers and insist that they co-sponsor this legislation!

So please send your pre-written email right away, insisting that your lawmakers stand up for this legislation!

When you’re finished, please send this email to every gun owner you know and ask them to take action right away!

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