Don’t Let the RINOs in Jeff City Repeal SAPA!

Joe Biden was sworn into office just over a year ago, after promising to advance the most aggressive gun control agenda that the American people have ever seen.

And once the Democrats flipped the U.S. Senate in January — after sweeping both special elections in Georgia — Biden’s blustering suddenly became very credible threats.

Gun owners spent all of 2021 fighting to defeat the radical left’s gun control agenda in D.C. And so, while Nancy Pelosi was able to pass multiple bills through the House, they have been blocked in the Senate so far.

But of course, here in Missouri, we did more than simply put pressure on our Congressional delegation to oppose gun control in D.C. We went to work and forced the legislature to pass the nation’s toughest Second Amendment Preservation Act!

As a result, Missouri cops can not be compelled to enforce any of Joe Biden’s war on gun owners. Any federal gun control laws that Congress passes — and any Executive Orders that Biden signs -– are effectively null and void in our state!

The radical gun-grabbers in Jefferson City tried to stop us last session, but they failed. The media tried to convince the moderates in the Senate to ‘let the bill die quietly,’ but that failed. And when the Department of InJustice tried to overturn SAPA in Circuit Court, they failed as well.

But all of this work may be for nothing if Governor Parson and the backstabbing RINO’s in the legislature follow through on their threat to repeal portions of Missouri’s SAPA law this session!

This isn’t idle speculation anymore. So please sign the petition that we have prepared for you, demanding that your legislators leave Missouri’s SAPA law alone!


You see, many of the politicians who voted for SAPA law last year didn’t really support the bill. Many of them only voted for it because they felt the heat from MOFC members in their districts.

And after CBS News, the Washington Post, and virtually every media outlet in Missouri spent the last six months attacking SAPA, these moderates are talking about repealing sections of this law!

And when Governor Parson went on KSMO-TV and vowed to “correct” portions of SAPA law this year (political speak for ‘we’re gonna take this law apart’) this became a very real threat.

While we haven’t seen final language on this bill yet, our sources indicate that for political reasons, it will likely attack elements of SAPA law — without trying to repeal the entire thing.

When this bill is rolled out, you can expect to see language that would:

>>> Remove the $50,000 civil penalties that make up the teeth of our SAPA law, so anti-gun police departments can violate the laws without fear of being held accountable.

Many states claim to have passed SAPA last year. What makes our SAPA law the best in the nation is that if it is violated by a liberal mayor or police chief, you can sue that agency in civil court for damages! If we lose this, SAPA is effectively dead!

>>> Strip away your right to sue an agency that violates SAPA in civil court, and instead require the Attorney General and the Governor to agree to enforce any violations of SAPA law.

What makes Missouri’s SAPA law so powerful, besides the civil fines, is the fact that individual gun owners can hold these agencies accountable! If we take that away, and require two politicians to enforce it, SAPA is effectively dead!

>>> Re-write SAPA law in a way that would still require Missouri cops to ignore federal gun laws, while forcing them to enforce Executive Orders coming from the White House.

Everyone knows that Biden’s handlers are having a tough time getting the 60 votes they need to pass gun control in Congress. But Biden’s first two Executive Orders take effect in just weeks, and would impact tens of thousands of Missourians.

If any one of these sections above pass in Jefferson City, gun owners will have NO protections from Biden’s gun control!

That’s why I need you to immediately sign the petition that we have prepared for you, telling your State Senator and State Representative that you will hold them accountable if they vote to remove one single word of Missouri’s SAPA law!


Understand that there’s more at stake than just our freedoms.

Joe Biden’s handlers know that if Missouri’s SAPA law remains intact and begins to spread to other ‘red’ states, their plan of attacking the Second Amendment (and many other freedoms) via Executive Order will collapse!

And they are right to be afraid, because SAPA is spreading thanks to the work of MOFC’s sister organizations.

In Iowa, Rep. Jeff Shipley is leading the fight for SAPA with Iowa Gun Owners, using our law as the template for his language.

In Georgia, Rep. Philip Singleton is doing the same thing for Georgia Gun Owners. And with Gov. Brian Kemp facing a Trump-backed primary, he’s very open to signing SAPA if it gets to his desk.

In Ohio, Rep. Mike Loychik is pushing for SAPA with Ohio Gun Owners in Columbus. Ohio is close to passing Constitutional Carry. When that’s done, the fight for SAPA will get hot in Ohio.

That’s not all. Minnesota Gun Rights is pushing for SAPA with Rep. Erik Mortensen. Wyoming Gun Owners is filing SAPA this year with Sen. Anthony Bouchard. The Pennsylvania Firearms Association is leading the fight for SAPA with Sen. Doug Mastriano. The Indiana Firearms Coalition is doing the same thing with Rep. Curt Nisly.

You see, SAPA is exploding across the country right now! Each one of these states are using Missouri’s SAPA law as their starting point! And if Governor Parson and moderates in Jeff City repeal ANY of SAPA law, it will crush this momentum!

 We can’t let this happen! That’s why I hope you will sign your petition. And when you do, I hope that you will include a generous donation so the Missouri Firearms Coalition can fight!


MOFC is developing a multi-faceted plan to FLOOD the legislature with tens of thousands of calls and emails opposing any effort to repeal even a single sentence of SAPA law, including:

  1. A series of hard-hitting digital ads in targeted districts across the state, so that gun owners in these areas can put extraordinary amounts of pressure on these politicians.
  2. Deploying massive rounds of uncensorable direct mail to new gun owners, urging them to get involved in this fight by signing their petitions in defense of SAPA!
  3. Preparing to roll out radio (and even TV ads) if that becomes necessary when we know that this bill is headed to the floor for a vote.

MOFC is going to fight like hell to save SAPA law, but we need your help. After fighting to pass SAPA in the legislature, then engaging our legal team to defend it in Circuit Court, we are low on funds to run a program of this size.

That’s why I hope you’ll include a donation of $100 or even $250 after you sign your petition. It’s a lot, but we need it very badly.

The good news is that MOFC is well known in Jefferson City for exposing anti-gun Republicans during the August primaries, we’ve done it for years. And we’re putting the word out that anyone who betrays SAPA will pay the price in 2022!

If we create enough pressure, I believe that we can defend SAPA law and send a message in the legislature at the same time.

So if $250 or even $100 isn’t possible, I hope you will strongly consider $50 or at least $25. The amount is up to you, of course, but please hurry because this fight is coming fast!

MOFC members passed the nation’s best SAPA law of all time last year, and we’ve blazed a trail that states across America are following. Don’t let the politicians in Jeff City repeal it!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act is under attack here in Jefferson City! And if Governor Parson and the RINOs in the legislature repeal the teeth of this law, we’ll have nothing standing between us and Biden’s Executive Orders!

What’s more, the national momentum for SAPA will evaporate.

So please immediately sign the petition that we have prepared for you, so the politicians in Jeff City know that you will hold them accountable if they touch SAPA law!


And when you do, please make a donation of $100, $50 or at least $25 so that we can crank up the heat RIGHT NOW!