Help Us Defend SAPA Law!

Mike Parson and legislative moderates have JUST ANNOUNCED that they intend to roll back Missouri’s SAPA law next session — bowing to pressure from the media and the radical left!

If the penalties for Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act are removed, there will be NOTHING stopping anti-gun police departments from enforcing Joe Biden’s federal gun control agenda!

Missourians fought like hell to pass SAPA law, and the courts have already upheld this vital law as being Constitutional. We can’t let Mike Parson and moderates in Jeff City repeal it!

Stand with us! Sign your petition demanding that the legislature and Governor Parson leave Missouri’s SAPA law alone! Remind them that the 2022 primaries are coming fast and that you will remember this vote!

And when you’re done, please consider becoming a member of the Missouri Firearms Coalition — we’ll never give up ONE INCH! Go to:!