Breaking News on House Bill 630 — Take Action!

I’ve got breaking news on HB 630!

Rep. Taylor was just notified that the House Rules Committee will be voting on this bill tomorrow at 1:00pm!

Whether you’ve contacted the committee already or not, I need you to do it again right away.

It’s urgent that you do, as more and more organizations and legislators are opposing this bill the further along in the process we get.

Insiders are reporting to us that Michael Bloomberg — still bitter about the stunning loss he received here in Missouri last year — is determined to try to stop this bill in the committee process.

This legislation is very simple in that it removes the state mandated ‘Gun Free Zones’ that effect so many areas here in Missouri!

These are places like churches, colleges, day care centers, sports venues and more.

Of course, it’s places just like the ones listed above that are so often the targets of killers who are looking to hurt as many people as possible.

That’s why it’s urgent that you contact the members of the House Rules Committee right away, using the information I’ll provide below.

Your message is very simple: Please advance HB630 through your committee right away with no weakening amendments!

‘Poison pill’ amendments are a real threat at this point, and something that you and I need to guard against.

Anti-gun groups and lobby firms in Jeff City are likely going to be considering weakening amendments like these to grant exemptions to limit the scope of HB630.

And once we open that door — and allow legislators to start picking and choosing where you and I are going to be left helpless — it will be hard to stop them!

So please contact the committee members right away, and urge their passage of HB630, with no weakening amendments!

For tonight you can email them and send them a Facebook message, using the sample email I’ll include below

So please contact:

>>>  Rep. Shawn Rhoads, 573-751-1455, [email protected]

>>>  Rep. Shamed Dogan, 573-751-4392, [email protected]

>>>  Rep. Deb Lavender, 573-751-4069, [email protected]

>>>  Rep. Jack Bondon, 573-751-2175, [email protected]

>>>  Rep. Cloria Brown, 573-751-3719, [email protected]

>>>  Rep. Michael Butler, 573-751-6800, [email protected]

>>>  Rep. Courtney Allen Curtis, 573-751-0855, [email protected]

>>>  Rep. J. Eggleston, 573-751-4285, [email protected]

>>>  Rep. Travis Fitzwater, 573-751-5226, [email protected]

>>>  Rep. Elijah Haahr, 573-751-2210, [email protected]

>>>  Rep. Don Rone, 573-751-4085, [email protected] 

>>>  Rep. Noel Shull, 573-751-9458, [email protected]

>>>  Rep. Lindell Shumake, 573-751-3613, [email protected]

>>>  Rep. Fred Wessels, 573-751-0438, [email protected]

Feel free to use the sample email below, if you’d prefer!

     Dear Member of the House Rules Committee,

I am writing to urge you to vote ‘YES’ on HB630 as soon as it comes before you!

HB630 simply removes the dangerous ‘Gun Free Zones’ that are on the book here in Missouri, and allows law abiding citizens the ability to defend themselves in so many public places.

Study after study show us the painful truth that so-called ‘Gun Free Zones’ don’t stop crime but actually attract violent killers, who know they won’t face opposition in these areas.

With there only being a little over a month left in session, and with the bill having already cleared the sub-committee and the General Laws committee — I hope you’ll advance this right away with no weakening amendments!

Sincerely: ___________________________

Please act now –- the vote is taking place tomorrow at 1:00pm!

It’s important that we don’t let up on the pressure here in Missouri as our gun rights don’t exist in a vacuum.

We are either gaining ground or losing ground. There’s no third option.

And with radical anti-gun politicians like St. Louis’ newly elected mayor, Lyda Krewson, not to mention anti-gun legislators like Rep. Donna Lichtenegger, constantly trying to water down our gun rights — it’s clear that our rights are never safe.

So please contact the committee now!

For Freedom,

Dr. Curt Frazier
Chairman of the Board

P.S. We’ve just been informed that our bill to end deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ here in Missouri — House Bill 630 — will be voted on in the House Rules Committee tomorrow at 1:00pm!

The further this bill progresses in the legislative process, the more anti-gun organizations are mobilizing and trying to stop it.

So please, contact the members of the committee right away, using the information listed above — and insist that they advance HB630 out of the committee right away!

And please forward this message to your friends and family and insist that they contact the committee as well!