Breaking: House Rules Committee Passes Self-Defense Bill!

Moments ago, in response to your pressure, the House Rules Committee voted to advance MOFC’s Stand-Your-Ground Expansion legislation (House Bill 2118) through committee by a vote of 7-3!

HB-2118 is now ready for a vote on the full House floor! That’s why I hope you’ll email your State Representative today and urge him/her to vote for this bill on the floor.

You see, now that we’ve passed this bill through the Government Oversight Committee AND the Rules Committee, the media and Bloomberg’s front groups are coming unhinged — and they are determined to stop us!


It’s urgent that Missouri passes this legislation that would close the gaps in our current Stand-Your-Ground/Self-Defense laws, before any more gun owners get ‘McCloskey’d’ by a Soros-funded prosecutor!

House Bill 2118 addresses all of these holes in current law, by:

>>> Creating a presumption of innocence for gun owners who use (or threaten to use) deadly force in a self-defense situation. In other words, we clarify that the gun owner is presumed innocent, unless the state proves him guilty!

>>> Providing for the presumption of innocence for gun owners in civil court, too. The last thing we want is for a gun owner to be victimized by a criminal (or his estate) twice, once on the street and then again in civil court.

>>> Establishing a pre-trial hearing process that allows you to assert your immunity protections in criminal and civil court BEFORE you go through the court process!


Passing MOFC’s House Bill 2118 would fix the gaps in Missouri’s self-defense laws and get us closer in line to what dozens of states around us have already done!

But before we do anything else, this bill needs to be put on the floor of the House for a full vote. And we need to do it fast. So please send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL today.

The liberal news media outlets in Missouri, Bloomberg’s front-groups, and every law enforcement organization in the state are united in trying to crush this bill.

These organizations have one goal: to preserve their power over gun owners here in Missouri. That’s why they’ve opposed every expansion of gun rights going back over the last decade!

So please send your email immediately and help us continue advancing this critical legislation.

Finally, please make an emergency donation to help the Missouri Firearms Coalition mobilize gun owners from across the state to support this badly needed legislation.

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. MOFC’s comprehensive self-defense overhaul legislation — House Bill 2118 — just passed out of the House Rules Committee by a vote of 7-3 and is now ready for a vote in the full House!

Contact your State Representative today and urge him to support HB-2118 on the floor, and to urge caucus leaders to schedule this vote as soon as possible.


Thank you for helping us push this bill through the Government Oversight Committee and now the Rules Committee! Make a donation today, to help us get this bill onto the floor!

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