Breaking! DOJ Trying to Crush SAPA in Missouri!

Since the beginning of our fight to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act into law in Jeff City, we said that this law was the ONLY THING standing between gun owners and Joe Biden.

By ordering Missouri cops to enforce Missouri laws when it comes to firearms, ammunition, and accessories — and ordering them to IGNORE federal gun control laws — we are effectively nullifying the impact of Joe Biden’s gun control agenda.

No, Missouri can’t tell the feds what laws they can and can’t pass and we can’t stop them from having their own agencies enforce these laws. But that’s not the point.

The reality is that the majority of federal laws (and Executive Orders) are enforced by local agencies as the feds simply lack the manpower to do it themselves. And if you take away that in-state cooperation, these laws will simply go unenforced!

We know it. The mayors of St. Louis and Kansas City know it. And Joe Biden and the Department of Injustice (DOJ) know it, too.

That’s why the DOJ has directly entered into the legal fight taking place over Missouri’s SAPA law, filing an Amicus Brief in this case and asking a Cole County judge to strike SAPA down!


You see, this is very simple, and the White House knows it.

If the DOJ can’t get a judge to strike SAPA down and this incredible law is upheld, then the ramifications of federal gun control will collapse as ‘red states’ across the country will work to pass SAPA in 2022!

I hope you know just how incredible this is.

The DOJ isn’t going after Texas’s so-called SAPA law. They aren’t going after Nebraska’s SAPA resolution. They aren’t going after what Kansas claims is a SAPA law. That’s because none of these laws are a real threat to federal gun control.

But Missouri’s SAPA law is the best of its kind. And that’s why U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland is determined to crush it, before wind of these freedoms begins to spread! Frankly, I expect nothing less from this tyrannical federal government.  


The Missouri Firearms Coalition has already submitted an Amicus Brief in this case, making sure the judge knows exactly where our members stand on SAPA and why the lawsuit from St. Louis and Jackson County is without merit.

But this is just the first step in this process.

We have reason to believe that should the lawsuit in Cole County fail to overturn SAPA law, the federal government will be filing a lawsuit in federal court to ask yet another judge to block SAPA!

These people are tyrants, thugs, and bullies. Anyone (or any state) that dares to tell them to go POUND SAND is a threat that must be quashed.

So we need your continued support to fund our legal actions in Cole County, but also to get prepared for what will likely be a lawsuit in federal court, as well!


We’ve always said that the fight for SAPA law here in Missouri has national ramifications that extend far beyond our state.

If you weren’t sure about that, I’m sure the fact that Joe Biden is using the power of the entire federal government to try to block SAPA law has answered that question once and for all! 

 Missouri was one of the first states to adopt Constitutional Carry, blazing a trail that over a dozen states followed us in doing.

Now we’re doing it again. But the impact of the Second Amendment Preservation Act is far larger than that of Constitutional Carry.

That’s why Joe Biden and his Department of Injustice are trying to stop us, and that’s why it’s absolutely critical that we have the resources we need to fight back!

Please dig deep and help us fund our legal defense of SAPA with a generous gift today!

Our children and gun owners owners across the country are counting on us!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. Fearing what would happen to their gun control agenda if Missouri’s SAPA law is upheld in court, the White House has instructed the Department of Injustice to try to stop us in a Cole County courtroom!

That’s why the DOJ is now directly involved in the lawsuit being brought by St. Louis and Jackson Counties, having just filed their first Amicus Brief in this case.MOFC is now going head-to-head with the feds as we work to defend Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act! But we need your help to cover the legal fees that are rapidly piling up.


This may be the most important donation you ever make in the fight for the Second Amendment, so I hope you’ll be generous!