Betrayed: Republicans Aid Bloomberg in Jeff City!

In a sensational act of betrayal, multiple Republicans on the Senate Transportation Committee stood with Michael Bloomberg’s lobbyists and Senate Democrats while voting to kill Senate Bill 666 in committee this week!

This legislation provides badly needed upgrades to Missouri’s self-defense laws by granting the presumption of innocence to gun owners accused of a crime following a shooting — requiring the government to prove in court that we are guilty.

This is the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ concept that we were taught in 7th grade civics class, and it’s the law in 16 other states right now.

Without this legislation, any gun owner in Missouri who dares to defend themselves against a violent criminal can find themselves ‘McCloskey’d’ by a woke prosecutor looking to advance a political agenda!

Despite this, Republicans in Jeff City killed this legislation by a vote of 4-3. To find out more about the bill, how many states already have it, who betrayed you, and where we go from here, please watch this brief video update! 

 As you just heard, Republican Senators Jason Bean, Lincoln Hough, and Justin Brown betrayed gun owners and assisted Bloomberg’s forces in blocking this bill in committee!

This is outrageous behavior from our ‘pro-gun Republican caucus’ in Jeff City, and if they don’t hear from gun owners, this sort of betrayal will continue to spread in the legislature.

Please call/text these Senators right away, or leave them a message on their Facebook page, using the information below.

Hough and Bean need to answer for flat out voting no, while Brown needs to answer for scheduling the vote — just so that the bill could be killed while he voted the right way in a vain effort to convince gun owners that he’s pro-gun.

>>>  Senator Lincoln Hough

>>>  Senator Jason Bean

>>>  Senator Justin Brown

As we said in the video, this fight is far from over and we’ll be giving you action alerts as this legislation progresses in the House committee process.

For today, I hope you understand just how crucial it is that the Missouri Firearms Coalition has the resources we need to fight for you as we battle RINOs, leftists, Bloomberg, and the fake news media that hates gun owners with a passion!  


If you’re already one of our fabulous members, we greatly appreciate your support. Feel free to make a donation today, to help us keep fighting for you in Jeff City.


Thank you for standing with us. Please contact the scoundrels listed above and send this email to every gun owner you know!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition