Announcing 2018 Bill Sponsor!

The start of the 2018 legislative session is less than two weeks away, meaning that our fight to end deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ is about to kick into high gear.

And that’s why I am so pleased to announce that we are going to be working with Rep. Jered Taylor this year as our lead bill sponsor in Jeff City!

Of course MOFC members will likely remember that it was Rep. Taylor who stood side by side with us, testifying in committee after committee last session in support of this bill.

He’s passionate about this bill, and that’s why he’s agreed to work with us to push it again next session.

Jered knows what every other gun owner in Missouri knows: having dozens of ‘gun free zones’ on the books here in Missouri is nothing short of an invitation for a madman with a gun.

We’ve seen this time and time again as the Texas church shooting, the Las Vegas shooting, and virtually every other mass shooting of the last 5 years has taken place in areas that were off limits to gun owners.

Why wouldn’t they?

Criminals know that in these areas they have the upper hand, since they are not going to run into armed opposition.

Here in Missouri, despite passage of both Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground law last year, there are dozens of areas where we can’t carry according to state law.

Some of these locations include churches, schools, daycares, most sports arenas, hospitals, and many restaurants, to name just a few.

It’s high time that the legislature stops disarming law abiding citizens in all these areas, before a mass tragedy strikes here in Missouri!

As you may recall, our bill to end these ‘Gun Free Zones’ made it through three House committees last session before being shelved.

But that was then.

This is an election year.

That means that we have the ability to exert even more pressure on the legislature — reminding them that before they come looking for support from gun owners, they had better pass this bill!

Rep. Taylor has pledged to do everything he can on the inside to advance this bill.

But as you saw with our fight to pass Constitutional Carry, nothing controversial in Jeff City happens without a massive amount of outside pressure!

That’s why I’m asking you to do three things today, as we prepare for the upcoming session.

First, if you’ve not already done so, renew your      support in the Missouri Firearms Coalition for      2018!

It’s simple, the Missouri Firearms Coalition was      founded by Missourians, we’re run by Missourians,      and we’re funded by Missourians.

Unfortunately, the gun control crowd in Jeff City      is awash in out-of-state money from anti-gun      BILLIONAIRE Michael Bloomberg.

So we are counting on you to get involved with MOFC      as a member for 2018, if you haven’t already.

Second, please take a moment to sign your petition      in support of this legislation.

Your signed petition tells your lawmakers where you      stand on this issue, and what you expect them to do      on your behalf!

So make sure your voice is heard!

Finally, please take a moment to thank Rep. Taylor      for his willingness to lead on this issue once      again by emailing him at [email protected].

Jered does far more than just introduce legislation.

From helping to find cosponsors, to giving you live updates via our Facebook videos, to fighting for the Second Amendment on the House floor -– Representative Taylor is heavily involved in this fight.

For doing so, he gets attacked in the media and receives countless hostile phone calls, emails, and letters from anti-gun activists all over the country!

So please send him an email today, letting him know you appreciate his commitment to the Second Amendment.

The recent tragedies underscore what we all know to be true, the only thing that stops a madman with a gun is a good man with a gun.

But so-called ‘Gun Free Zones’ prevent that all too often.

Doing away with ‘Gun Free Zones’ will ensure that even more law-abiding Missourians will have the means of self-defense readily available to them.

We have the votes to pass this bill this year in Missouri.

But having the votes and forcing nervous politicians to act are two different things.

So make sure you’ve renewed your membership and signed your petition.

Then get ready for what promises to be an action-packed session!



For Freedom,

Dr. Curt Frazier
Chairman of the Board
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. With the 2018 legislative session less than two weeks away, our fight to end ‘Gun Free Zones’ is about to heat up!

That’s why I’m pleased to announce that pro-gun Representative Jered Taylor will be sponsoring our legislation to end ‘Gun Free Zones’ again this session!

So-called ‘Gun Free Zones’ are killing fields, and attract madmen who know that they are unlikely to meet armed resistance because of the gun free zone policy.

You can help us get ready for the fight to do away with these deadly areas by ensuring that you’ve renewed your membership for 2018!

In addition, make sure you’ve signed your petition in support of this legislation!

Lastly, be sure to thank Representative Jered Taylor for spearheading this effort, by sending him an email to the address listed above!