All Eyes on Missouri!

Things are starting to heat up in advance of the 1-day ‘Override Session’ that is slated to take place on September 14.

That’s when the legislature will decide whether or not to override Governor Nixon’s veto of Constitutional Carry legislation.

Insiders are reporting to us that many legislators are hearing from the members of the Missouri Firearms Coalition and are willing to take a stand for the 2nd Amendment, but that some are on the fence about this crucial legislation.

That’s why it’s vital you sign your petition to the legislature, calling on them to override Governor Nixon’s veto when they meet for their 1-day ‘Override Session’ next month! More on that below.

You see, Governor Nixon thinks that he has the final say on the limits of your 2nd Amendment freedoms.

He thinks that the favor he did for his pal Michael Bloomberg, by vetoing SB 656, means the end of this fight.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

You and I, through our elected representatives in Jefferson City, will have a chance to override his veto on September 14 — during a 1-day special session!

Will Michael Bloomberg and Jay Nixon be successful in dictating our way of life to us, or will the legislature stand up for Missourians and the 2nd Amendment and override this unconstitutional decision?

Your activism over the next couple of weeks will decide which way your legislators vote!

Remember, Constitutional Carry doesn’t change the current ‘Shall Issue’ gun laws in Missouri.

If you want a permit to carry in certain zones or for reciprocity reasons, you may continue to apply for one, as Constitutional Carry simple makes those permits optional.

But if you’re sick of politicians in Jefferson City leaking your personal information — which they obtain through the CCW database — you’d no longer have to obtain a permit.

If you’re tired of paying fees, dealing with bureaucrats, and having to beg for permission to exercise your constitutional rights — you’d no longer have to obtain a permit!

Constitutional Carry is exploding across the country with almost a dozen states already having this law on the books.

In fact, just this year alone, Idaho, West Virginia, and Mississippi joined this growing list!

Now it’s Missouri’s turn, so please, sign your petition to your legislators telling them to stand up for the 2nd Amendment and override this veto in September!

We’ve come so far in this fight over the past eight months.

Most of the pundits, liberal media, and many insiders in Jefferson City said that you and I would never get Constitutional Carry to the Floor of the House — much less pass it all the way through the legislature in our first year!

But your activism proved them wrong.

Your calls, your emails, and your Facebook messages to your legislator made the difference, and SB 656 swept through the legislature with overwhelming majorities.

Now gun-control groups all over the country are on red alert.

Michael Bloomberg’s front groups are calling on their members — from all over the country — to pour on the pressure here in Missouri in an effort to stop the override of Nixon’s veto!

Help us stop them dead in their tracks – by signing your petition to the legislature right away!

This is our state, yours and mine!

Michael Bloomberg is free to try to ram his agenda into law in NY all he wants, but this is Missouri, and he has no right to dictate the limits of our freedoms here.

If you agree, please sign your petition, and once you have, forward it to all of your friends here in Missouri. We need all hands of deck to send a loud message to the legislature in advance of their vote next month!

Your activism is magnified by the fact that this is an election year, and these legislators are keenly aware that most of them are up for re-election just six weeks from this vote.

So make sure they hear from you now, when they are most willing to listen.

I also have to ask to you consider making a donation to the Missouri Firearms Coalition.

We don’t have billionaires pouring anti-gun money into our coffers. We operate on a shoestring budget trying to mobilize Missourians to stand for their 2nd Amendment freedoms by email, Facebook, direct mail and more.

All of it is necessary – and all of it costs money.

I don’t know what you can afford. Some generous Missourians have already given $250 and even $500! For others, $25 represents a meaningful sacrifice in their monthly budget.

Whatever amount you can give, please do so right now when we need it the most!

We’re on the verge of passing one of the largest and most comprehensive expansions of the 2nd Amendment in Missouri history, but the opposition knows it too, and they’re doing everything they can to stop us.

Help us crank up the heat with a generous donation today!

But whatever you do, please sign your petition right away, that’s most important.

For Freedom,

Dr. Curt Frazier
Chairman of the Board

P.S. Gun grabbers all over the country are preparing to launch an all-out attack in the final weeks before the September 14 ‘Override Session,’ where you and I have the ability to override Governor Nixon’s veto of Constitutional Carry legislation!

They have publicly stated that if we pass this legislation here, it’ll continue a domino effect that they desperately want to stop.

So please, help us ramp up the pressure in Jefferson City ahead of this crucial 1-day long session, by signing your petition right away, calling on the legislature to override Nixon’s veto!

Once you’ve signed up, please forward this email to a friend and encourage them to stand with us!

Lastly, please consider a donation of any amount to help us crank up the heat in Jefferson City!