Action Alert: Send This One Email Right Away!

Last week was a busy one in Jefferson City.

After a mountain of emails from MOFC members, the House Government Oversight Committee voted to pass H.B. 2118 out of committee by a vote of 5-3, sending it to the Rules Committee!

As you remember, this bill would fix the problems in Missouri’s self-defense laws by giving gun owners the presumption of innocence following a self-defense shooting.

In other words, instead of you and me having to prove our innocence following a self-defense situation, the state needs to prove our guilt! After all, this is America, and we supposedly believe that all people are innocent until proven guilty!

Despite this, the Prosecuting Attorney’s Association hates this. The law enforcement lobbyists in Jeff City hate this, too. That’s because these entities are drunk on power, and this bill threatens that.

To find out more about the bill, how you can help us in the Rules Committee, and to learn how many other states already have this legislation on the books, watch our video report now!

Between granting gun owners the presumption of innocence in criminal and civil court for the actual or threatened use of force, and enacting a pre-trial hearing process for gun owners, HB-2118 would give gun owners real protections here in Missouri!

But first, we need to make sure the Rules Committee moves this bill through their committee so it can receive a vote in the full House! Please email the committee here!


When you’re done, please make an immediate donation to help the Missouri Firearms Coalition continue to be able to fight for you in Jefferson City.

Your support helps us run our social media programs, our email programs, and our direct mail programs — which all work to flood the legislature with grassroots pressure in support of this bill.


The legislature is on Spring Break next week, but their staff is there receiving your emails. In addition, House and Senate leadership are using this time to decide what bills they intend to pass between now and the end of the session!

Please take action right away!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. Now that HB-2118 has passed the Government Oversight Committee, it’s headed to the Rules Committee before it can be sent to the House for a floor vote.

But now that we’ve passed the first committee, every gun control organization in the state (along with St. Louis and Kansas City’s law enforcement community) are doing all they can to defeat this legislation!


Then make an immediate donation so that the Missouri Firearms Coalition has the ammo we need to fight for you in Jeff City!