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SAPA, passed by the legislature and signed into law in 2021, is founded on a constitutional principle that has been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court multiple times, called anti-commandeering. It is the idea that the feds can’t commandeer the resources of our state in order to enforce federal law. SAPA was designed to protect law abiding Missourians from federal tyrants, by asserting the state’s right to simply not allow our cops to enforce federal gun laws. Not only is Missouri’s SAPA law the strongest in the country, it also created a roadmap for how we can use anti-commandeering to push back on federal overreach in other areas.


  • Based on the constitutional Anti-Commandeering Doctrine
  • Does not violate the Supremacy Clause, as it limits the state, not the feds
  • Protects law abiding Missourians – it does not apply to violent criminals
  • Prevents the feds from enticing local law enforcement into ignoring SAPA law and enforcing federal gun laws that are more restrictive than state law
  • Prevents local law enforcement from enforcing federal gun laws – allowing Missouri’s law enforcement agencies to enforce Missouri’s gun laws
  • Contains ‘teeth’ which include civil penalties and protections for citizens whose rights are violated


Gun owners in Missouri fought for SAPA in 2021 and won. In 2022’s August primary and November general elections, they made it clear that they want legislators who will protect SAPA (and all of our gun rights) in Missouri. Multiple candidates for legislative and statewide office were defeated last year because they attacked SAPA, or supported the idea of watering it down.

The Missouri Firearms Coalition is 100% OPPOSED to any legislative effort to repeal, or alter in any way, the Second Amendment Preservation Act.


Aaron Dorr, Political Director
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