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Gun Grabbers at all levels of government have been attempting to ban “Assault Weapons” and limit ammo capacity for decades. They have no definition of “Assault Weapon.” If it looks scary to them, they want to ban it. Banning “Assault Weapons” isn’t about reducing violent crime, it’s about controlling what weapons Missourians have access to: for self-defense, for hunting, for sport shooting, and most importantly for holding our own government accountable to “We the People.”


  • The end goal of this legislation isn’t to reduce crime, it’s control over the people
  • Gun owners don’t need a reason to own these, it’s our right as a free people
  • Gun grabbers want to ban scary looking guns (ie. ALL semi-automatic weapons)
  • AR-15s are the most popular semi-automatic firearms in Missouri
  • Banning “Assault Weapons” will do nothing to stop violent criminals
  • Limiting firearms and ammo capacity only hurts law abiding citizens
  • AR-15s are used more often for self-defense than in the commission of a crime
  • Localities that have banned AR-15s are incredibly violent (ie. Chicago)


Gun owners in Missouri have fought to not only protect Second Amendment rights but to expand them. In 2022’s August primary and November general elections, they made it clear that they want legislators who will protect our gun rights in Missouri. Multiple candidates for legislative and statewide office were defeated last year because they were weak on Second Amendment issues.

The Missouri Firearms Coalition is 100% OPPOSED to any legislative effort to limit our members’ access to these firearms and the magazines that ‘feed’ them.


Aaron Dorr, Political Director
573-338-4205 or [email protected]