Urge the Rules Committee to Fight for Gun Owners!

Think of just about any mass shooting this country has witnessed over the past two decades — including the recent travesty in Parkland, Florida — and you and I both know what they have in common.

Virtually all of them take place in so-called “Gun Free Zones.”

The killers know they’ll run into absolutely no one who is armed.

So they’re free to shoot human fish in a barrel until they run out of ammo or someone from the outside with a gun and a little guts bothers to show up.

I’m sick of seeing innocent people slaughtered — enabled by idiot politicians who think a stone-cold killer is going to see a “Gun Free Zone” sticker on a door and go, “I guess I can’t go in here!”

If you are, too, I’m counting on you to please sign the enclosed petition to all members of the Missouri State House Rules Committee insisting they vote to pass “Gun Free Zone” Repeal (H.B. 1936).

The good news, is that thanks to your help the State House’s General Laws Committee just passed legislation (H.B. 1936) REPEALING every one of the “Gun Free Zones” on Missouri’s books.

My staff testified. And despite being outnumbered by Bloomberg’s anti-gun goons 90-8, we still ended up passing this legislation through the General Laws Committee 8-4!

This would be a MAJOR step forward for Missouri — and help shield our state — from the shootings we’ve seen in recent years.

As you and I have seen, as the body count rises, so does the media’s mass hysteria against law-abiding gun owners like you and me!

Now, all over the country, gun control laws are being debated and rammed into law — as if that will solve anything.

It won’t.

But what will, is ENDING “Gun Free Zones” across Missouri!

If you agree with me, sign your petition to the House Rules Committee right away, calling on them to pass H.B. 1936 through their committee right away!


And I can promise you that if we don’t act to end “Gun Free Zones,” one day the gun-grabbers WILL be able generate enough anti-gun hysteria after a mass shooting that ALL of our Second Amendment freedoms will be on the chopping block.

That’s why we have to act now.

If passed, the Missouri “Gun Free Zone” Repeal Bill would take every one of the following areas state law automatically declares a “gun free zone” off the books, including:

***  Hospitals. As a physician, I can tell you that gang      violence routinely spills over into hospitals as      criminals look to ensure those who might talk to      police are “taken care of” before they’re able to      talk;

***  Churches. Sadly, we’ve already seen in Sutherland      Springs, Texas and Charleston, South Carolina what      happens when evil people target innocents who are      unarmed. With our culture’s growing hatred for      traditional values, I can’t say I think attacks on      churches will let up;

***  Many restaurants. Just consider how vulnerable      waitresses who are leaving work late at night are      just walking to their cars! Why should our state      government stand in the way of them protecting      themselves?

***  Day cares. Just as we’ve seen in schools, day cares      have also been targets for those seeking to make      news headlines through murder;

***  Polling places and local government meetings. Local      government officials are allowed to carry to      protect themselves. Isn’t your life worth just as      much?

It would also mandate that K-12 schools provide a legal method for someone on the premises to carry through an enhanced permit — whether that’s teachers, school administrators or security officers.

Just as we’ve seen with Columbine, Newtown, and Parkland, our kids are often the most vulnerable to blood-crazed lunatics.

So isn’t it time a gunman was forced to think twice before targeting a school for a shooting spree?

I certainly think so.

If you do too, I hope you’ll sign our petition urging the House Rules Committee to take immediate action on this crucial legislation!


And the good news is, if we can pass H.B. 1936, Michael Bloomberg and his anti-gun pals will likely realize Missouri is a lost cause.

And you and I can send them packing!

But it won’t happen without your IMMEDIATE action.

That’s why I’m counting on you to sign your petition insisting the House Rules Committee pass H.B. 1936 right away.

The members of this Committee are already getting an earful from Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun crowd.

They need to hear from you TODAY.

And in addition to signing your petition, please agree to a generous contribution to help me launch:

>>>  A massive statewide mail and email program designed      to generate pressure on politicians;

>>>  A statewide media tour where the Missouri Firearms      Coalition will work talk radio and local TV      explaining why we must end so-called “Gun Free      Zones;”

>>>  A state-of-the-art Internet and social media      campaign exposing any politician who dares to stand      in our way;

>>>  Hard-hitting Internet, radio and newspaper ads      calling out politicians who’d rather keep Missouri      safe for criminals.

If possible, I hope you’ll agree to be extra generous and contribute $100 or perhaps even more.

I know that’s a lot to ask for.

But I know you feel the pit in your stomach every time you flip on the news to hear about one of these shootings.

You feel for the victims and their families. You’re angered at the ridiculous policies politicians have put in place that enable these tragedies.

You’re frustrated at those who could have stopped the tragedies, but didn’t.

And then afterwards you see media elites sneering at you telling everyone who will listen that you’re the problem.

I’m sick of it all.

If you are too, please consider $100 — or at least $50 or $25.

Let’s end “Gun Free Zones” in Missouri before it’s too late.

We have the chance. It’s time to take it.

For Freedom,

Dr. Curt Frazier





Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. After passage through Missouri’s General Laws Committee, “Gun Free Zone” Repeal is headed to the Rules Committee!

Bloomberg and his pals are mobilizing like never before to stop it!

That’s why I’m counting on you to please sign your petition to the members of the Rules Committee, urging them to advance this bill IMMEDIATELY!