The Top 10 List Claire McCaskill Hopes You Never See!

For twelve long years, gun owners in Missouri have heard Claire McCaskill tell us how much she supports the Second Amendment.

We have all heard her stories, of how she grew up hunting with her father and how that shaped her respect of the Second Amendment.

Or, that’s what she wants you to believe anyway.

The truth is much uglier.

The reality is that Claire McCaskill has likely been the most aggressive enemy to gun owners that Missourians have ever had to endure in the U.S. Senate.

Now that she is seeking re-election, she will be doing everything she can to hide the ugly truth about her voting record on the Second Amendment.

That’s why the Missouri Firearms Coalition has taken the time to compile this ‘Top Ten List’ of Claire’s most unforgiveable votes against Second Amendment freedom.

Once you read this, I hope you will do two things with the information — more on that below!

As you will see below, this wasn’t just a one-time occurrence.

McCaskill’s record of attacking gun rights, and gun owners, spans DECADES! Consider:

Number 1: On May 12, 2009, McCaskill voted ‘NO’ on A-1067, a bill that allowed concealed carry in American’s National Parks!

This bill was so popular, the then-President Obama signed it into law, over McCaskill’s objections.

Number 2: On July 22, 2009, McCaskill voted ‘NO’ on A-1618, the National Reciprocity Act, which would have given gun owners the ability to carry nationwide based on their instate permit.

By opposing this, McCaskill ensured that thousands of gun owners have faced criminal charges for carrying into states that don’t honor their home state’s permit.

Number 3: On August 6, 2009 and August 5, 2010, McCaskill voted to confirm Supreme Court nominees Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kegan, respectively.

The two justices are perhaps the most anti-gun justices ever seated on the court, and McCaskill’s vote to confirm them promises damaging rulings to our gun rights for decades!

Number 4: On March 23, 2013, when given a chance help keep the United States out of the horrendous UN Small Arms Treaty, (A-139) McCaskill voted ‘NO!’

If enacted, the UN Small Arms Treaty would subject the Second Amendment right of Americans to the whims of third world dictators and other foreign leaders -– something McCaskill supports!

Number 5: On April 17, 2013, McCaskill again voted ‘NO’ to the National Reciprocity Act (A-719) which continues to put Missourians in jeopardy for crossing into Illinois, mistakenly assuming that their Missouri permit will suffice.

This vote ensures that otherwise law abiding gun owners are jailed for this oversight, something McCaskill supports!

Number 6: On April 17, 2013, McCaskill voted ‘YES’ on banning magazines that hold over ten rounds of ammunition (A-714.)

McCaskill believes you should be incarcerated for owning the standard 30-round mag that many modern firearms come with. This, despite the countless cases where citizens needed more than 10 rounds to defend themselves.

Number 7: On April 17, 2013, McCaskill voted ‘Yes’ on banning the ever-popular AR15 and hundreds of similar firearms (A-711.)

Owned by millions of gun owners, these are some of the best firearms available for defense against tyrants and criminals. McCaskill wants you imprisoned for owning them.

Number 8: On April 17, 2013, McCaskill voted ‘YES’ on A-649, the Machin-Toomey Universal Firearms Registration gun control bill that would have made criminals out of Missourians who pass down family firearms without running them through a government check, first.

This Bloomberg-backed gun control mega bill, would make felons out of millions of Americans and create the largest gun registry in American history -– something McCaskill supports!

Number 9: On March 6, 2018, in a media interview, McCaskill supported raising the age limit on buying and owning firearms to 21!

So Missourians that are free to serve in the military, get married and start a family, pay taxes, etc. would be left helpless against a home invasion under McCaskill’s plan!

Number 10: In late February 2018, McCaskill loudly harassed the Neosho 3rd grade boys baseball team who was conducting their regular AR-15 raffle to fund their team’s expenses for the year.

While not a vote, it’s one more way in which McCaskill goes out of her way to attack the Second Amendment and anyone who supports it!

Gun bans, mag bans, gun registration and even gun confiscation through the United Nation — Claire McCaskill SUPPORTS IT ALL!

And, as you can see, McCaskill’s war against your gun rights has spanned over a decade, for the entirety of her two terms in the US Senate!

But it’s not enough that you and I possess this information.

It’s essential that the Missouri Firearms Coalition be able to get this information out to hundreds of thousands –- even millions –- of gun owners in Missouri so they can have the facts!

The McCaskill spin machine is already running at full tilt, and that is only going to increase as we move into campaign season.

That’s why I am asking MOFC supporters to make a generous donation to help us get the facts out about McCaskill’s war on the Second Amendment!

We are hoping to run a massive program on Claire McCaskill!

I’m talking about direct mail, targeted Facebook videos, mass email, and even radio and TV ads if we can raise the resources.

Please help us!

A $5,000 donation will enable us to deploy over 10,000 pieces of direct mail into the hands of gun owners, giving them the whole story on McCaskill’s war against gun owners.

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I know I’m asking for a lot.

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Whatever you can do – now is the time!

For all the times you’ve fumed as we watched McCaskill back the Obama agenda of attacking the Second Amendment  — now is your chance to fight back!

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Again, I don’t know what you can afford.

What I know is that we can’t afford to let McCaskill get away with hiding the truth about her record!

So please, whatever you can do, please donate immediately to help us fund the program I laid out above!

Thank you, in advance, for standing with us in the fight to defend the 2nd Amendment here in Missouri!


For Freedom,

Dr. Curt Frazier





Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. The McCaskill spin machine is moving at full speed, desperately trying to keep her radical anti-gun votes on the Second Amendment under wraps.

But as you can see above, we have pages of information, detailing Senator McCaskill’s attacks against the Second Amendment as well as gun owners!

But now it’s our job to expose her in front of hundreds of thousands of gun owners. We have a plan to do just that, as you can see above, but we need help to implement it!

Please make a generous donation right now, to help us expose Senator McCaskill’s war against your Second Amendment freedoms!