SAPA Hearing in the House TODAY!

I’m sorry for the last minute notice, but we’ve just learned that House Bill 85 — the Second Amendment Preservation Act — will have a hearing in the General Laws Committee today at 12:30pm!

Last week’s hearing was on the Senate companion bill to SAPA legislation (S.B. 39) and we are hoping that the Senate General Laws Committee will be moving that bill, soon.

As gun owners across the state know, SAPA legislation would nullify federal gun control laws here in Missouri by requiring Missouri peace officers to only enforce Missouri laws as it relates to firearms, ammunition, and accessories.

That way should Joe Biden be able to pass gun control legislation through Congress (or attempt it via Executive Orders,) those laws and dictates would be unenforceable here in the state of Missouri!

 But first, the legislature needs to pass the bill.

That’s why today’s hearing is so important. And that’s why we would love to have you join MOFC at the hearing today, to demonstrate and even testify of your support for SAPA legislation.

The details on the hearing are below:

Date: Today, Tuesday, January 26
Time: 12:300pm
Location: House Hearing Room 1

Of course, we’ve been in this position before. Committee hearings don’t guarantee action on the bill. That’s why I hope that you’ll make your voice heard, making sure the committee knows this is a top priority for gun owners like you!

If you can join MOFC staff at the hearing, we would love to have you there with us to testify in support of this bill! 

But we understand given the late notice that we were able to pass on to you, that attending in person may be very hard for most Missourians.

So if you cannot attend, please at least send your State Senator and State Representative this pre-written email, urging them to co-sponsor and vote for SAPA legislation in Jeff City!

Support SAPA Law in Missouri!

The Missouri legislature hasn’t passed a gun bill, of any kind, since President Obama was in the White House. It’s time that they stop telling us how pro-gun they are, and start showing us.

The Missouri Firearms Coalition is doing everything we can to whip up grassroots support for this legislation, but we need to do even more to get this bill moving.

So if you can afford to make a donation to help MOFC mobilize more gun owners, now is the time and I hope you will be generous!

Be sure to share this email with every gun owner you know. Joe Biden is in office. The Executive Orders are flying. It’s time for Missouri to enact SAPA legislation!

Take action now!

For Missouri,

 Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. Late yesterday we were notified that the House General Laws Committee will be holding a public hearing on the Second Amendment Preservation Act TODAY AT 12:30PM!

If you can join us in Jeff City, we would love to have you there. If you can’t make it, please send a PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to the legislature, urging your State Representative and State Senator to co-sponsor and vote for SAPA legislation! 

Send your email here!

Make a donation to help us advance SAPA legislation here.