Our take: Trump’s “felonies”

Dear Patriot —

What a time to be alive.

Unless you rely on smoke signals or morse code to get your information, you probably heard that President Donald J. Trump was “found” guilty on 34 counts of felony falsification of business records.

Here’s a couple of basic facts about the “trial”:

  • The “prosecutor” that brought the charges against Trump is one of George Soros’ “progressive prosecutor” program’s poster children named Alvin Bragg.

Funded, supported and endorsed by Soros’ “Color of Change” political arm, Bragg campaigned for election boasting that he was going to target the Left’s #1 opponent, Donald Trump.

  • The “trial” was not conducted before a jury of Donald Trump’s “peers.”

It has been argued by legal scholars that it should be nearly impossible to conduct a trial against a former president because a “jury of their peers” does not exist.

That aside, Trump’s team argued that his trial should at least be moved to a different venue than downtown Manhattan, as the jury pool potential by party registration was roughly 90% Democrat to 10% Republican.

That motion, of course, was denied by the Democrat-controlled NY court of appeals.

  • The prosecution’s star witness was Michael Cohen, reportedly a proven liar who Trump’s defense team noted had “lied to both Houses of Congress, federal judges, state judges and family.”

From all appearances, Trump’s “conviction” represents a total bastardization of due process and Constitutional protections, and it was done so at the highest and most public level in American history.

So what does this mean for you and me? How do we fight back against this kind of a political operation that is so committed to destroying America from within?

Those are great questions.

The fact is, the problems before us are cultural in magnitude, complex in nature, multi-faceted and compounding. No single answer that could be suggested can solve all of them.

But one part of the solution that is true without question is this: the American people must NOT let themselves be willingly disarmed by any “government.”

The same people targeting President Trump are assuredly targeting people like you and me. They are attacking everything that is good and right and wonderful.

They hate you, they hate our nation, they hate our Constitution, they hate our national heritage, they hate freedom and they hate Christianity.

These people are wicked and evil, and they 100% do not “at the end of the day have everyone’s best interests at heart.”

That’s why they do not “play by the rules.”

Their only rule is to achieve total political power, and they will do whatever is necessary to get it and keep it.

Have you ever yelled “THEY CAN’T DO THAT!” at your television or phone?

Most people who do usually assume that there are “rules” to politics that each side has to follow.

Tyranny’s proponents do not follow rules.

And “our side,” referred to by many as the “Republican Party,” either hasn’t figured that out yet or have already been corrupted and are personally benefitting from not fighting back against this evil.

Heck, many of them refuse to even acknowledge that nations across the globe are emptying their prisons, shipping them to our southern borders and invading America by the millions.

That’s another reason why we need to keep our guns.

And this brings me to my next point: we cannot effectively fight back against this political tyranny and growing invasion and defeat it in an individual capacity.

We are stronger together than we are separately.

Our Founding Fathers proved that, and when it comes to state-level gun politics, we’ve proven that here at the Missouri Firearms Coalition, too.

Our only chance to stay free and fight off the age-old enemies of freedom as a state and nation is if we keep our guns.

And that’s why I’m glad you are standing with us in our effort to defend, protect and advance our gun rights here at the Missouri Firearms Coalition.

Defy Tyrants,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

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