Merry Christmas from the Missouri Firearms Coalition!

On behalf of all of us here at the Missouri Firearms Coalition, I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

It’s been an amazing year for all of us as we fought tooth and nail for the Second Amendment — and our success was all due to your tireless efforts.

As you’ll remember, we passed the largest state level gun rights expansion bill in the history of Missouri, including both Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground law!

Bloomberg opposed us.

The media in St. Louis, Springfield, and Columbia opposed us.

Radical anti-gun legislators like Stacey Newman and others opposed us.

But all of Bloomberg’s money couldn’t match the organized grassroots activism of the members of the Missouri Firearms Coalition

Your calls, your emails, your Facebook messages, and your visits with your legislators made this possible! Thanks to you, we’ve made Missouri the 11th Constitutional Carry state!

No longer do you and I have to pay a fee to exercise a constitutionally guaranteed right.

No longer do you and I have to put our name on a government database just to be able to carry a firearm to defend ourselves and our loved ones.

And for that, I wish you a truly Merry Christmas!

2017 presents new challenges as we press ahead to expand the Second Amendment here in Missouri.

While we have Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground law, we still have almost two dozen areas where we can’t carry those defensive firearms for fear of our dangerous ‘Gun Free Zone’ laws.

Churches, schools, daycares, hospitals — I could go on and on.

So many of the areas where you and I need to have the ability to defend ourselves are denied to us under current law.

With your help, we intend to change that law during the upcoming session!

Working with Rep. Jered Taylor, we’ll shortly be unveiling legislation to repeal state mandated “Gun Free Zones” here in Missouri.

And I’ll be counting on you once again to make your voice heard, to make sure your legislator knows that you expect him to support this legislation at every step of the process.

The 2017 legislative session kicks off in just eleven days — I hope you’re gearing up for it, we’ll need all hands on deck!

In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas weekend with your loved ones.

For Freedom,

Dr. Curt Frazier
Chairman of the Board

P.S. Merry Christmas from all of us here at the Missouri Firearms Coalition!

As we reflect on the success of 2016, the passage of both Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground law — I know that we were only able to defeat Bloomberg and his people because of you!

Now, as we prepare to kick off the 2017 legislative session in just eleven days, I hope you’ll stand with us again as we work to repeal deadly “Gun Free Zones” here in Missouri.

And if you haven’t, please make sure you’ve renewed your membership in the Missouri Firearms Coalition right away!