Restricting Gun Rights During a Crisis…


If you had told Americans a month ago that they were 30 days away from it being against the law to eat in a restaurant, go to their gym, go to a movie, or worship in their church, people would have assumed you were crazy!

And if you told people that it would be against federal guidelines to be in any group of ten or more people, they probably would have tried to have you committed!

But for Americans in a growing number of states, that’s reality.

Here in Missouri, Governor Parson has declared a state of emergency just a few days ago, and that has MOFC members wondering exactly how far Governor Parsons’ authority extends.

We have received dozens of requests on the limits of Governor Parsons’ authority, specifically in regard to his ability to curtail our Second Amendment freedoms.

It’s a reasonable question to ask.

After all, municipalities in nearby Illinois are passing ordinances that suspend your right to buy or transport a firearm –- effectively outlawing concealed carry.

The Mayor of New Orleans, LaToya Cantrell, did the exact same thing earlier this week.

More jurisdictions are considering doing the same thing.

(The city ordinance that just took effect in New Orleans, effectively banning the sale and transportation/carrying of firearms, part of a political response to the coronavirus.)

But in this instance, we have fantastic news to give you.

In a nutshell: there is no legal way that Governor Parson or any other government official at the state, county or municipal level can take any action that would curtail your right to own, carry, transport or use a firearm after an emergency declaration.

That’s because in 2007, the legislature enacted Senate Bill 257, legislation that limits the power of the government here in Missouri to ‘suspend’ your Second Amendment freedom.

Prior to this, the Governor or other officials could (on paper) suspend your right to own or use firearms during a disaster declaration, like we all witnessed in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

But not any longer.

Missouri code section 44.101 says:

The state, any political subdivision, or any person shall not prohibit or restrict the lawful possession, transfer, sale, transportation, storage, display, or use of firearms or ammunition during an emergency.

To be clear, this covers the Governor, mayors, city councils, sheriffs’ departments, state police, county commissioners, and any governmental body or official here in Missouri!

To be clear, we have heard of no cases of any level of government in Missouri talking about trying to curtail our gun rights at this time.

But with new sensational actions being taken by the hour, we wanted to make sure that you had these facts.

If you hear of any violations of this code section, whether that be your town mayor, sheriff’s department, or any other governmental unit, please let us know immediately.

In the meantime, if you missed our alert about the coronavirus highlighting the absolute necessity for Missouri to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act, read that here

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For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. The sweeping travel and other restrictions placed on Americans in a growing number of states over the past few days has Missourians asking about the limitation that Governor Parson can place on our gun rights.

As you’ll see above, that is one problem that we don’t have to worry about!

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