In Case You Missed These…

Our state and our country are going through incredibly difficult times as we deal with the Coronavirus and the government’s reaction to it.

At the same time, a massive federal gun control bill is on the move in Washington, D.C.

As Missouri’s largest and most effective gun rights organization we are being deluged with calls, emails, and Facebook messages from Missourians who want the latest information on all of this.

We have been publishing email alerts as fast as we can, but with all that is going on, you may have missed out on some of this critical information.

If you have missed anything and have some time to read this weekend, please review the articles below and take action with the pre-written email campaigns that we have prepared for you!

To learn about the gun control mega bill that is being pushed by Senator Elizabeth Warren, Congressman Johnson, and dozens of radical socialists in D.C., please go here.

To learn more about the details of the Stafford Act and the limits of the federal government regarding your gun rights during a federal disaster declaration, please go here.

To learn more about the limits of Governor Parsons’ authority regarding your Second Amendment freedoms during a state of emergency, please go here.

And to learn more about why the Coronavirus highlights the absolute necessity for the Second Amendment Preservation Act law here in Missouri, and to email your legislators,
please go here.

There is a lot going on here in Missouri, and across the world right now. But throughout history, governments have used emergencies to suspend or obliterate people’s rights.

So while we endure this trying time, keep an eye on your loved ones — but keep an eye on your freedoms, too.

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For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. Things are moving at warp speed here in Missouri and across the country. In case you’ve missed some of our recent updates, feel free to get caught up, above.

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