Has Your State Rep Cosponsored SAPA Legislation?


Support for the Second Amendment Preservation Act (H.B. 1637) is exploding in the Missouri House of Representatives, thanks to the thousands of calls and emails that you have been thundering into the Capitol!

As you know, this legislation is designed to protect our gun rights here in Missouri from federal gun control.

And let me tell you, we need these protections now more than ever, as every single one of the Democratic contenders seeking the nomination to run against President Trump has called for insane gun control laws!

Joe Biden has blatantly endorsed gun confiscation, Bernie Sanders wants to make you a felon for buying an AR-15, and Michael Bloomberg wants to ban all firearms that hold over three rounds of ammunition!

SAPA legislation would nullify this federal tyranny by stating that federal gun control laws that are in violation of the Second Amendment and the Missouri Constitution are null and void in our state.

But more than just being a feel good gesture, SAPA legislation would mandate that Missouri peace officers would only be allowed to enforce gun laws that are passed by our legislature in Jeff City!

And, should some big city Mayor (think Lyda Krewson over in St. Louis) disregard this law and order her officers to enforce federal tyranny, this bill allows individual gun owners to sue those officers in civil court!

As you can imagine, this bill is hated by liberal gun grabbers in Jeff City. It’s hated by the media. It’s hated by every smug, elitist department head here in Missouri.

To them we say, let your liberal tyrannical tears flow down!

But as I said above, this bill is garnering an eye-popping number of cosponsors in the House thanks to the thousands of emails that you have sent into the Capitol.

The current list of cosponsors for H.B. 1637, in the order of their co-sponsorship, includes Representatives: Shawan, Bailey, Baker, Lovasco, Moon, Billington, Neely, Chipman, Pollock, Smith, Hudson, Deaton, Rehder, Hansen, Dinkins, Toalson-Reisch, Basye, McDaniel, Anderson, Miller, Spencer, Kelley, Bromley, Wiemann, Simmons, Murphy, Hurst, Walsh, Kelly, Stephens, Christofanelli, Pietzman, Remole, Love, Hicks, Ross, Coleman, Griffith, Bondon, Porter, Morris, Hovis, Messenger, Trent, Richey, DeGroot, McGaugh, Schnelting, Fitzwater, Busick, Dohrman, Shaul, Ruth, McGirl, Rone, Roden, Henderson, Kidd, Griesheimer, Black, Sommer, Kolkmeyer, Haffner, Hill, Mayhew, Francis, Fishel, Vescovo, and Riggs.

Sixty-nine names in all — just twelve names short of a majority of the Missouri House of Representatives — and well over a major of the Republican caucus in Jeff City!

If your lawmaker’s name is on this list above, thank you for your activism.

But if not, that’s a big problem, and he needs to hear from you at once. More on that below.

But while amassing a huge list of cosponsors is a good first step, it won’t mean anything if Chairman Dean Plocher locks it down in his committee or if Speaker Haahr refuses to put it on the floor for a vote.

So please help us continue putting the heat on lawmakers in Jeff City, using the action steps below.

First, if your State Rep’s name is not listed above, please send him this pre-written email at once

Second, please contact General Laws Committee Chairman Dean Plocher and insist that he move H.B. 1637 through the committee at once! (You can call him at 573-751-1544 and you can email him at [email protected].)

Third, please contact Speaker Haahr and insist that he move H.B. 1637 onto the floor for a vote as soon as possible. (You can call Speaker Haahr at 573-751-2210 and you can email him at [email protected].)

Remember, lawmakers in Jeff City love to say one thing to you on the phone or in person, and then do the opposite once they think you are not looking.

So remind both Representative Plocher and Speaker Haahr that you expect action on this bill, right away!

And I hope that when you finish taking action above, that you’ll consider making a donation to help the Missouri Firearms Coalition continue to fight for you in Jeff City.

Whether you can donate $5 or $500, please do so at once, as this fight is raging!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. Support for the Second Amendment Preservation Act is exploding in Jeff City, with sixty-nine lawmakers having signed up as a cosponsor!

Thank you for your emails and phone calls, which are making the difference in the Capitol. If your State Rep’s name is not on the list of cosponsors above, use our automated program to contact him today.


Whatever you do, send an email to General Laws Chairman Dean Plocher and Speaker Elijah Haahr right away (using the information provided above) and insist that they advance this bill!

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