Biden Unhinged: Announces Gun Control via Executive Orders!

Late yesterday, Joe Biden delivered a 30-minute-long rage fest in the Rose Garden, lashing out at gun owners who have blocked his gun control agenda in the United States Senate.

As he concluded, Biden announced a MASSIVE LIST of new gun control agenda items that he is implementing through Executive Orders, bypassing Congress completely! 

You see, Biden is out of options. Michael Bloomberg and the communist wing of the Democratic Party spent over $100,000,000 installing Joe Biden into the White House eighteen months ago.

And so far, they haven’t received anything in return.

Today, Biden is trying to repay that political debt to Michael Bloomberg by specifying Executive Orders that would:

>>> Require lower AND upper receivers to have a serial number;
>>> Force gunsmiths to serialize existing homemade firearms;
>>> Ban the future sale of unserialized 80% lower receivers;
>>> Mandate serial numbers be included on firearms ‘parts kits;’
>>> Force gun dealers to surrender sales information to the ATF;

Then, Biden announced that he was nominating Steve Dettelbach as the new director of the ATF. If confirmed, Dettelbach would be the point man for the White House in unleashing the ATF on the American people, enforcing the gun control items listed above!

To learn more about the breathtaking tyranny that Biden unveiled yesterday and how much Steve Dettelbach hates gun owners and our great Second Amendment, watch the video analysis here from the American Firearms Association!

As you just heard, Steve Dettelbach is even more of a tyrant than David Chipman ever was! And if confirmed, he’ll spend the rest of his career trying to target law abiding gun owners with bogus federal gun charges!


It’s time for gun owners to get loud! We need to hammer on the Senate to stop Dettelbach’s nomination and we need to fight like hell to block Biden’s tyranny in the courts to save our gun rights.

Then I hope you’ll become a member of the Missouri Firearms Coalition and help us continue fighting against Biden’s tyranny!

If we lose our right to keep and bear arms, we will never get them back and it will be our children and grandchildren who will pay the price! Stand with us today and FIGHT BACK!  

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America is free because 100 million Americans own 300 million privately held firearms. If we let our out-of-control federal government crush these rights, it’s over!

Stand with us today!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. Unable to pass his gun control agenda through Congress, Joe Biden announced a massive list of gun control items that he intends to implement through Executive Orders!

Further, Biden announced a new nominee to run the ATF: Steve Dettelbach. To learn more about Dettelbach and these Executive Orders, watch the video analysis from the American Firearms Association.  


Help the Missouri Firearms Coalition fight back against Biden’s agenda, and Dettelbach’s nomination to run the ATF, by becoming a member today!