BBQ stand owner fatally shot would-be-robber in self-defense

Pasco County — When a man entered Jordon’s BBQ, a family owned restaurant near Tampa Florida, he indicated that he was there looking for work.

But according to witnesses, the man began to demand money from everyone in the restaurant and implied that he was armed.

When the owner of the store saw the yet unidentified man grabbing for a weapon, he drew and fired his concealed handgun, killing the suspect in a case that police are describing as self-defense.

“Put yourself in the shoes of this family who has a small business. They’re working hard trying to keep their family going and everyday they come out here and they put a lot of sweat and equity into keeping the family business. And this individual is going to aggressively come at them? Sounds like it’s an attempted robbery,” Sheriff Chris Nocco said.

Police recovered an 8 inch long knife on the suspect’s body.

No innocent people were harmed in this situation, because the store owner was armed and willing to defend his employees and customers.