A New Face At the Missouri Firearms Coalition!

As the 2017 legislative session gets close to kicking off, I hope you’re getting ready for another chance to defend and expand the Second Amendment here in Missouri.

Thanks to your help, we accomplished more than anyone expected this year by passing Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground law — and kicking Michael Bloomberg out of our state in the process!

Now as we gear up for 2017, we’ll be working to roll back the almost two dozen ‘gun free zones’ that plague our state.

These are areas where you and I can’t carry a defensive firearm, regardless of Constitutional Carry legislation.

Of course, these laws have never stopped a madman bent on mass murder — something that we’ve seen time and time again with fatal results.

In fact, the only people who are impacted by these laws are the ‘good guys!’

We need to roll back these laws here in Missouri, before tragedy strikes. That’s why I’m counting on your continued support as we gavel in on January 4.

That’s also why the Missouri Firearms Coalition has taken the initiative to hire a political director, to help lead our efforts in Jefferson City on a full time basis.

I’m pleased to announce that Alexandra Salsman will be joining our team, effective this week

Alexandra is a longtime political activist who has been unofficially involved in the Second Amendment fight here for a long time.

In addition, Alexandra has been involved in local party and state level politics and campaigns for some time, giving her a great context with which to fight for gun owners in Jefferson City.

As a single woman, Alexandra knows exactly how important the Second Amendment is for personal protection and how important it is that we repeal these dangerous ‘gun free zones’ that so often leave a trail of dead bodies in their wake.

(As the Missouri Firearms Coalition continues to grow into Missouri’s leading gun rights group, we’re pleased to announce the hiring of Alexandra Salsman as our new political director, to fight day-to-day for gun owners in Jefferson City!)

You can expect regular updates from Alex both by email but also on our Facebook page, where she’ll be providing weekly video updates to MOFC members.

If you’re not following us on Facebook, you’re missing out!

Often times things move so fast in Jeff City we don’t have time to deploy an email, but we constantly update our members via Facebook. So to follow our page, click here.

With the national elections behind us, it’s time to refocus all of our energies on our home state — because let me tell you, our rights don’t exist in a stale, static environment.

Either we’re advancing our freedoms, or we’re losing our freedoms. There’s no middle ground.

As I type this, we’re monitoring a situation where the City of St. Louis is working hard to make it a crime to own virtually any semi-automatic firearm within city limits!

Owning so much as a Ruger 10/22 squirrel hunting rifle would put you in jail for up to a year, if Alderwoman Krewson has her way.

In addition, hard-core anti-gun legislators like Rep. Staci Newman are coming back to Jeff City bent on revenge after the legislation we passed this year.

Already she’s pre-filed legislation that would make you a felon for life for allowing your 17-year-old son or daughter to have access to a firearm if they needed one in the home for self-defense!

More, she’s working hard to convince Governor-elect Greitens to back a gun control push in response to the armed robbery that his wife recently endured.

The bottom line is they never quit, and neither can we.

So please, in preparation for the 2017 legislative session, sign your petition calling on the legislature to end dangerous ‘gun free zones’ before an innocent person pays the price here in Missouri.

And when you’re finished, I hope you’ll renew your support in the Missouri Firearms Coalition for 2017!

We fought hard this year, staving off Michael Bloomberg and some ‘soft’ members of the legislature who were about to block the override of Gov. Nixon’s veto on Constitutional Carry legislation.

You have been so generous in giving us the ammo we need to fight with, and fight we did.

But it’s essential that we hit the ground running in 2017 ready to go. Already you can see that it’s going to be a busy session, and we need your continued support to push hard in Jefferson City.

So please, renew your membership for 2017 right now!

There’s no set membership amount, but I can tell you that if you renew as a Silver Level member or above, we’ll send you a free T-Shirt, along with your membership decal, absolutely free!

Thank you, in advance, for standing with us in 2017!

For Freedom,

Dr. Curt Frazier
Chairman of the Board

P.S. As we ramp up for the 2017 legislative session, I’m pleased to announce that Alexandra Salsman will be our Political Director.

Alex is ready to fight for gun owners on a daily basis in Jefferson City next session.

The fight for the Second Amendment never ends!

With St. Louis trying to put you in jail for owning virtually any semi-automatic firearm, and with Rep. Stacey Newman trying to make you into a felon for allowing your 17-year-old access to a firearm in case of a home invasion, your membership in the MOFC couldn’t be more important.

So please renew your membership for 2017 right away!

Thank you, for your continued support of the Second Amendment and the Missouri Firearms Coalition!