⚠️ Obama Judge: Illegal Aliens Crossing the Border Can Own Guns

Dear Patriot —

Our office has been buzzing with phone calls from MOFC members all week, asking our take on an Obama-appointed judge in Illinois who ruled that illegal aliens can own guns in America.

Some organizations are suggesting that this is the right decision.

That’s ridiculous.

Let me be clear: the Missouri Firearms Coalition is 100% opposed to arming the 8,000,000 illegal aliens who have invaded our nation under Joe Biden’s watch, and we expect this decision to be reversed.

(In an act of pure insanity, an Obama-appointed federal judge has ruled that illegal aliens can walk around with guns in America!)

Yesterday I did a radio interview on this topic and here are some of the main questions that some people are wrestling with.

Q#1: Does everyone in America have the right to keep and bear arms?

Of course not. “We the People” refers to the citizens of America who codified the God-given right to keep and bear arms in our Constitution, establishing a safeguard against our own government. This was never about arming people who are in America illegally.

Q#2: Doesn’t everyone possess the right to keep and bear arms?

No. Some people have lost that right due to their actions. Convicted murderers, rapists, kidnappers, and robbers can’t possess guns. Neither can people who broke the law to enter America illegally.

Q#3: What about illegal aliens who want a gun for self-defense?

Foreigners who want the rights and privileges afforded to the American people (in accordance with our Constitution and Bill of Rights) can access those freedoms once they enter legally.

Q#4: Is there something deeper going on here?

Yes! While Biden has allowed 8,000,000 illegals into America, at least 70,000 of them are ‘special interest aliens’ who have entered America from nations that promote terrorist activity against the United States! Now, according to this ruling, these same people will be allowed to possess firearms! It’s insanity!

Allowing these aliens into our country with no way to vet them has already led to disastrous consequences. In just the last five weeks illegal aliens have been arrested for horrific crimes like:

  • The murder of Laken Riley, a student at the University of Georgia who was allegedly murdered by an illegal alien;
  • The rape of a 14-yr old Louisiana girl and the stabbing of a man who tried to stop the alleged rapist as he fled the scene;
  • The murder of a 2-yr old in Langley Park, MD, who was allegedly shot by an illegal alien in the midst of a gang shootout;
  • The rape of a 14-yr old girl in Virginia, who was allegedly attacked by a 32-yr old illegal with a history of violence;
  • The brutal beating of a 49-yr old Chicago man who was attacked on the train and allegedly left unconscious by 4 illegals.

I could go on for pages. There are literally dozens of similar examples, all of which have occurred in the last few weeks. Police officers attacked, attempted murder, and theft in the millions.

And now, instead of using our laws to prevent this hostile invasion, Judge Sharon Coleman is allowing them to carry guns.

This is national suicide…and the Left knows it.

(Judge Sharon Coleman has ruled that illegal aliens, who broke our laws to arrive in America in the first place, can carry firearms!)

The fight over the Second Amendment has never been more important.

The Missouri Firearms Coalition will continue to fight for freedom in the Capitol, in federal court, and at the ballot box — because if we lose these rights, our country will descend into chaos and anarchy! 

Stand with us!


John Adams, the second President of the United States, said: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

If we allow the Left to hand over our freedoms to people who DON’T share our morals, our religion, our traditions, and our customs America will be destroyed from within.

Don’t let that happen!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition